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5 Common Nursing Home Problems 
Abandonment In Nursing Homes
Allen Personal Injury Lawyer
Allen Sexual Assault Victim Lawyers
Am I Admitting Fault if I Apologize After a Car Accident?
Are Alzheimer’s Patients More at Risk of Nursing Home Abuse?
Are Dehydration and Malnutrition Signs of Nursing Home Neglect?
Are Nursing Homes Allowed to Use Physical or Chemical Restraints on Residents in Texas?
Are Nursing Homes Allowed to Use Physical Restraints on Patients in Oklahoma?
Are Nursing Homes Liable for Bed Sores?
Are Parents Liable for Car Accidents Caused by Their Children?
Are Texas Nursing Homes Liable for Resident-on-Resident Assault?
Are Texas Nursing Homes Required to Report Neglect and Abuse?
Are Texas Truckers Required to Keep Logbooks and Records?
Are Unhygienic Conditions a Type of Nursing Home Neglect?
Are Women More Likely to Become Victims of Elder Abuse in Texas?
Arlington Personal Injury Lawyers
Business Clients
Campus Sexual Assault Lawyers in Dallas
Can a Landlord Be Held Liable for Sexual Assault in Texas?
Can A Texas Trucking Company Be Liable for Hiring an Unfit Driver?
Can an Insurance Company Request My Phone Records After a Texas Car Accident?
Can Dash Cam Footage Be Used in a Texas Car Accident Case?
Can I Break My Lease If Was Sexually Assaulted in My Apartment?
Can I File a Lawsuit if I Never Reported My Sexual Assault to the Police?
Can I Install a Camera in a Nursing Home in Texas?
Can I Recover Damages if I Did Not Smell Propane Before A Propane Explosion Accident?
Can I Still File an Elder Abuse Lawsuit if My Loved One Has Died?
Can I Still Sue if the Trucking Company is in Another State?
Can I Still Sue in Texas if I Was Injured By a Pre-Owned Product?
Can I Sue a Bar in Texas for a Drunk Driving Accident?
Can I Sue For a Nursing Home Bed Rail Injury?
Can I Sue for Childhood Sexual Abuse As an Adult in Texas?
Can I Sue If a Loved One Died of Bedsore Complications in Texas?
Can I Sue if I Was Partially at Fault for My Car Accident?
Can I Sue if I Was Sexually Abused by a Jehovah’s Witness in Texas?
Can I Sue if My Child Was Injured by a Defective Product in Texas?
Can I Sue if My Loved One Died in a Truck Accident in Texas?
Can I Sue the Seller of a Defective Product in Texas?
Can I Use a Pseudonym in a Texas Civil Sexual Assault Lawsuit?
Can Social Media Affect My Texas Car Accident Claim?
Can Someone Under the Age of Consent Legally Give Consent? 
Can You Still Sue in Texas After a Product Has Been Recalled?
Can You Sue a Nursing Home for a Fall Accident?
Can You Sue a Nursing Home for Bedsores?
Can You Sue a Nursing Home for Sepsis in Texas?
Can You Sue for PTSD After a Car Accident in Texas?
Can You Sue the Catholic Church for Sexual Abuse in Texas?
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Common Causes of Truck Accidents
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Dallas All-Terrain Vehicle Accident Lawyers
Dallas Amputation Lawyers
Dallas Anesthesia Error Attorneys
Dallas Asbestos Exposure Lawyers
Dallas Auto Product Liability Attorneys
Dallas Bedsore Lawyers
Dallas Bicycle Accident Attorneys
Dallas Birth Injury Attorneys
Dallas Blind Spot Truck Accidents
Dallas Boat Accident Attorneys
Dallas Brain Injury Lawyers
Dallas Broken Bone Attorneys
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Dallas Bus Accident Lawyers
Dallas Cancer Misdiagnosis Attorneys
Dallas Cerebral Palsy Attorneys
Dallas Chemical Exposure Lawyers
Dallas Child Injury Attorneys
Dallas Child Sports Injury Attorneys
Dallas Choking Injury Attorneys
Dallas Church Sexual Abuse Lawyers
Dallas Class Action Claim Lawyers
Dallas Commercial Truck Accident Lawyers
Dallas Construction Accident Lawyers
Dallas Crane Accident Attorneys
Dallas Crashworthiness Attorney
Dallas Dangerous Drug Lawyers
Dallas Daycare Negligence Lawyers
Dallas Defective Airbag Lawyers
Dallas Defective Children’s Products Lawyers
Dallas Defective Household Product Lawyers
Dallas Defective Manufacturing Attorneys
Dallas Defective Medical Device Attorneys
Dallas Defective Tire Lawyers
Dallas Delivery Truck Accident Lawyers
Dallas Distracted Driving Accident Attorneys
Dallas Dog Bite Lawyer
Dallas Dram Shop Lawyers
Dallas Driver Fatigue Truck Accident Lawyers
Dallas Drunk Driving Car Accident Lawyers
Dallas DUI Truck Accident Victim Attorneys
Dallas Elevator Escalator Accident Attorneys
Dallas Employer Negligence Lawyers
Dallas Eye Injury Lawyer
Dallas Failure to Monitor Attorneys
Dallas Fatal Accident Attorneys
Dallas Fatal Truck Accident Lawyers
Dallas Food Poisoning Lawyers
Dallas Food Recall Attorneys
Dallas Gas Explosion Lawyers
Dallas Gymnastics Sexual Assault Lawyer 
Dallas Hip Implant Defect Lawyers
Dallas Hit And Run Car Accident Lawyers
Dallas Hospital Malpractice Lawyers
Dallas Hunting Accident Attorneys
Dallas Ignition Switch Recall Attorneys
Dallas Improper Wound Care Attorneys
Dallas Inadequate Security Attorneys
Dallas Intersection Accident Attorneys
Dallas Jackknife Truck Accident Lawyers
Dallas Lemon Law Lawyer
Dallas Medical Malpractice Attorneys
Dallas Medical Sexual Assault Lawyers
Dallas Memory Care Facility Abuse Attorneys
Dallas Motorcycle Accident Death Attorneys
Dallas Nail Gun Accident Lawyers
Dallas Neck and Back Injury Lawyer
Dallas Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer: Representing Nursing Home Neglect Victims
Dallas Nursing Home Financial Abuse Attorneys
Dallas Nursing Home Physical Abuse Lawyers
Dallas Nursing Home Residents’ Rights Lawyers
Dallas Nursing Home Restraint Injury Attorneys
Dallas Nursing Home Sexual Abuse Victim Attorneys
Dallas Paralysis Injury Lawyers
Dallas Pedestrian Accident Attorneys
Dallas Personal Injury Lawyers
Dallas Prescription Medication Error Lawyers
Dallas Product Liability Attorneys
Dallas Product Recall Lawyers
Dallas Propane Explosion Lawyer
Dallas Railroad Accident Attorneys
Dallas Rear-End Car Collision Attorneys
Dallas Roundup Attorneys
Dallas Runaway Trailer Accident Attorneys
Dallas Scaffolding Accident Lawyers
Dallas School Sexual Abuse Lawyers
Dallas Sexual Assault Lawyer
Dallas Side-Impact Crash Lawyers
Dallas Skilled Nursing Facility Abuse Lawyers
Dallas Slip and Fall Lawyers
Dallas Spinal Cord Injury Attorneys
Dallas Stadium Injury Attorneys
Dallas Surgical Error Attorneys
Dallas Swimming Park Accident Lawyers
Dallas Teen Sexual Abuse Lawyers
Dallas Trench Collapse Accident Lawyers
Dallas Truck Accident Lawyers
Dallas Truck Company Negligence Lawyers
Dallas Truck Driver Negligence Attorneys
Dallas Truck Rollover Accident Attorneys
Dallas Uber Car Accident Attorneys
Dallas Underride Truck Accident Attorneys
Dallas Uninsured Motorist Accident Attorneys
Dallas Unsafe Lane Change Attorneys
Dallas Unsecured Cargo Accident Lawyers
Dallas Whiplash Attorneys
Dallas Workplace Sexual Assault Lawyers
Dallas, TX Misdiagnosis Lawyers
Daycare Negligence Lawyers in Fort Worth
DeSoto Personal Injury Lawyer
Do I Have to Report a Car Accident to the Police in Texas?
Do I Sue the Driver or the Trucking Company After a Truck Accident?
Documenting Bedsores for Strong Legal Action 
Does Understaffing Increase the Risk of Nursing Home Abuse?
Effects of Sexual Assault on Male Survivors
Farmers Branch Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers
Farmers Branch Sexual Assault Victim Lawyers
Fast Food Industry and Sexual Assault: Know Your Rights 
Fort Worth Aggressive Driving Accident Lawyer
Fort Worth Amputation Attorneys
Fort Worth ATV Accident Attorneys
Fort Worth Auto Product Liability Lawyers
Fort Worth Broken Bone Lawyers
Fort Worth Burn Injury Attorneys
Fort Worth Car Accident Lawyers
Fort Worth Child Injury Lawyers
Fort Worth Defective Manufacturing Attorney
Fort Worth Delivery Truck Accident Attorney
Fort Worth Distracted Driver Car Accident Lawyer
Fort Worth Drunk Driving Truck Accidents Attorneys
Fort Worth Employer Negligence Lawyers
Fort Worth Head-On Car Collision Attorney
Fort Worth Jackknife Truck Accident Attorney
Fort Worth Neck and Back Injury Lawyer
Fort Worth Personal Injury Attorneys
Fort Worth Rear-End Car Accident Attorneys
Fort Worth Side-Impact Accident Lawyer
Fort Worth Single Vehicle Accident Lawyers
Fort Worth Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer
Fort Worth Swimming Park Accident Attorneys
Fort Worth Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney
Fort Worth Truck Accident Lawyers
Fort Worth Truck Driver Negligence Lawyers
Fort Worth Underride Truck Accident Attorney
Fort Worth Uninsured Motorist Claim Lawyers
Fort Worth Unsafe Lane Change Lawyer
Fort Worth Unsecured Cargo Accident Lawyers
Frequently Asked Questions: Nursing Home Abuse
Frisco Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer
Frisco Sexual Abuse Victim Lawyers
Furniture Tip Over Accident Attorney in Dallas
Garland Sexual Abuse Victim Lawyers
Grand Prairie Personal Injury Lawyer
Grand Prairie Sexual Assault Victim Lawyers
Grapevine Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer
Grapevine Sexual Abuse Victim Lawyers
Holding Fast Food Chains Accountable for Employee Sexual Assault
How Can Families Recognize Negligent Care vs. Intentional Abuse in Nursing Homes? 
How Can I Help Prevent Nursing Home Financial Abuse?
How Can I Help Protect Myself Against Sexual Assault in Texas?
How Can I Protect My Child From Sexual Assault? 
How Common Are Bedsores in Nursing Homes? 
How Do I File a Civil Lawsuit for Sexual Abuse in Texas?
How do You Prove a Dram Shop Liability Claim in Texas?
How Do You Prove Fault in a Texas Truck Accident?
How Do You Prove Nursing Home Abuse?
How Does Past Sexual Abuse Affect A Person’s Mental Health?
How Does Sexual Abuse Affect Mental Health?
How Does Texas Law Define Statutory Rape? 
How Is Child Sexual Abuse Defined in Texas?
How Is Pain and Suffering Calculated in a Texas Car Accident Claim?
How Long Do I Have to File a Car Accident Claim in Texas?
How Long Do I Have to File an Elder Abuse Lawsuit in Texas?
How Long Do I Have to Sue a Nursing Home After Suspected Neglect 
How Long Do You Have to File a Civil Lawsuit for Sexual Abuse in Texas?
How Long Does It Take for Bed Sores to Develop in a Nursing Home?
How Long Will It Take to Resolve my Dallas Personal Injury Case?
How Long Will My Texas Elder Abuse Lawsuit Take?
How Long Will My Texas Truck Accident Case Take?
How Medical Bills Are Paid After a Car Accident
How Prevalent is Nursing Home Abuse in Texas Compared to Other States? 
How to Prove Sexual Assault: Civil Lawsuit for Sexual Assault
How to Report Nursing Home Abuse
How to Spot Sexual Coercion
Irving Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer
Irving Sexual Assault Victim Lawyers
Is “Patient Dumping” a Type of Nursing Home Abuse in Texas?
Is Lack of Supervision Considered Nursing Home Neglect?
Is Medicare Entitled to a Portion of my Nursing Home Abuse Settlement?
Is Medication Theft a Form of Nursing Home Abuse in Texas?
Is Nursing Home Neglect Against the Law in Texas?
Is Sexual Coercion a Crime?
Lewisville Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers
Lewisville Personal Injury Lawyer
Lewisville Sexual Assault Victim Lawyers
McKinney Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers
McKinney Sexual Assault Victim Lawyers
Mental Abuse in Nursing Homes
Mesquite Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers
Mesquite Personal Injury Lawyers
Mesquite Sexual Abuse Victim Lawyers
Motorcycle Accident Lawyers in Dallas
Noise-Induced Hearing Loss Attorneys in Dallas
Norman, OK Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers
North Richland Hills Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers
North Richland Hills Sexual Assault Victim Lawyers
Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect Lawyers in Garland
Nursing Home Abuse & Neglect Lawyers in Richardson
Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers in Arlington
Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers in DeSoto
Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers in Grand Prairie
Nursing Home Choking Injury Attorneys in Fort Worth
Nursing Home Fall Lawsuits: Legal Rights and Compensation 
Nursing Home Fracture & Broken Bone Lawyer
Nursing Home Medication Errors
Nursing Home Neglect Lawyers in Allen
Nursing Home Self Neglect Attorneys in Dallas
Nursing Home Slip and Fall Attorneys
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Q: Can I Bring an Injury Claim or Suit Against the Government?
Q: Can I Get Compensation if the Accident Was Partially My Fault?
Q: How Long Do I Have to File a Personal Injury Claim in Texas?
Q: How Much is My Claim or Lawsuit Worth?
Q: The Insurance Company is Offering Me a Settlement. Should I Accept Their Offer?
Q: What is a Catastrophic Injury?
Q: What is the Modified Comparative Negligence Rule?
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Should I Accept a Settlement Offer in My Texas Truck Accident Case?
Should I Accept the Insurance Company’s Car Accident Settlement Offer?
Should I Give a Recorded Statement to the Insurance Company?
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Texas Gas Line Explosion Lawyers
The Role of The Catholic Church in Priest Sexual Abuse Cases
Truck Accident Investigations in Dallas
Tulsa, OK Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers
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Warning Signs of Grooming a Child
What Are Mandatory Reporting Laws for Child Sexual Abuse in Texas?
What Are My Rights in Texas if I’ve Been Sexually Abused at Work?
What Are Nursing Home Arbitration Agreements?
What Are Some Common Causes of Home Gas Explosions in Texas?
What Are Some Coping Strategies to Help Deal With Sexual Assault?
What Are the Different Types of Product Liability Lawsuits in Texas?
What Are the Long Term Effects of Sexual Assault?
What are the Most Common Fall Injuries in Nursing Homes?
What are the Most Common Injuries in Texas Truck Accidents?
What Are the Most Common Sites of Bed Sores in Nursing Homes?
What are the Personality Traits of Sexually Abused Adults? 
What Are the Signs of Sexual Abuse Trauma in Adults?
What Are the Stages of a Nursing Home Bed Sore Injury?
What are the Symptoms of Bed Sores in Nursing Homes?
What are the Warning Signs of Financial Abuse in a Nursing Home?
What are the Warning Signs of Nursing Home Abuse?
What Are the Warning Signs of Nursing Home Neglect in Texas?
What Are the Warning Signs of Sexual Abuse in Children and Teens?
What Are the Warnings Signs of Emotional Abuse in a Nursing Home?
What Can a Sexual Assault Victim Lawyer in Texas Do for Me?
What Can I Expect if I File a Nursing Home Lawsuit?
What Can I Expect Physically After a Car Accident?
What Can I Expect When Working with a Civil Sexual Abuse Attorney in Texas?
What Causes Bed Sores in Nursing Homes?
What Causes Bedsores in Nursing Homes? 
What Causes Nursing Home Abuse in Texas?
What Causes Self-Neglect in the Elderly?
What Compensation Can I Seek Through a Child Sexual Abuse Lawsuit? 
What Damages Are Available in a Texas Product Liability Case?
What Do You Have to Prove in a Texas Product Liability Lawsuit?
What Evidence Do You Need in a Car Accident Case?
What Evidence Will I Need to Prove Civil Sexual Assault in Texas?
What Happens if You Crash a Rental Car in Texas?
What If a Nursing Home is Overmedicating My Family Member?
What if I Am Unable to Work After My Car Accident?
What if I was Partially at Fault for my Texas Truck Accident?
What is “Failure to Warn” in Texas Product Liability Law?
What is a “Fall Risk Assessment” in a Nursing Home?
What is a Black Box and How Can It Help My Truck Accident Claim?
What is a Design Defect and How is it Proven?
What is a SANE Exam and Why is it Important for My Sexual Assault Case?
What is a Statute of Repose and How Does it Affect My Product Liability Claim?
What is Nursing Home Elopement?
What Is Sexual Coercion in Texas?
What is Strict Product Liability in Texas?
What Is the Age of Consent in Texas?
What is the Average Car Accident Settlement in Texas?
What is the Average Truck Accident Settlement Amount in Texas?
What is the Statute of Limitations on a Texas Truck Accident Claim?
What Rights Do Sexual Assault Survivors Have in Texas?
What Should I Do After a Car Accident in Texas?
What Should I Do After a Propane Explosion in Texas?
What Should I Do If I Suspect Nursing Home Abuse in Dallas 
What Should I Do if I Suspect Nursing Home Abuse is Occurring in Texas?
What Should I Do If I Was Pressured Into Sex?
What Should I Do if My Child Was Sexually Abused at Summer Camp?
What Should I Do If My Family Doesn’t Believe I Was Sexually Abused?
What Should I Expect When Reporting Child Sexual Abuse? 
What Should I Look for in a Texas Nursing Home Abuse Attorney?
What Types of Injuries Are Common in Texas Gas Explosion Accidents?
What’s the Difference Between Civil and Criminal Sexual Assault in Texas?
What’s the Difference Between Elder Abuse and Elder Neglect in Texas?
What’s the Statute of Limitations for Nursing Home Abuse in Texas?
When Do You Need a Lawyer After a Car Accident?
When Does Sex Become Sexual Assault in Texas?
Who Can Be Held Liable for Nursing Home Abuse?
Who Can I Sue if I Was Injured by a Defective Product?
Who is Liable for a Home Gas Explosion Accident in Texas?
Who Is Liable for a Propane Tank Explosion in Texas?
Who is Liable for Sexual Abuse in Youth Sports and Student Athletics?
Why Is It Important to Get a Police Report After a Truck Accident?
Will I Have to Testify in Court in My Sexual Assault Case?
Will My Loved One Face Retaliation If I Report Nursing Home Abuse in Texas?
Youth Organization Sexual Abuse Lawyers in Dallas


“Drink. Drive. Go to Jail.”
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$4.35m Settlement Reached In Rape Of Teenage McDonald’s Worker
$8.6M Verdict Against CSX For Retired Employee With Cancer
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18-Wheeler Truck Accident on I-35 Kills Driver
2 Boats Crash on Lake Worth, Critically Injuring 13-Year-Old Girl, Authorities Say
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3.7 Million Car Seats Recalled Over Defective Buckle
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4 Injured in Oklahoma City Collision
4 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds
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4 Tips for Preventing Construction Accidents
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4th Pedestrian Accident at Dangerous Intersection
5 Causes of Surgery-Related Medical Malpractice Cases
5 Common Causes of Burn Injuries
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5 Common Causes of Truck Accidents
5 Pedestrian Safety Tips
5 Signs of Brain Injuries
5 Steps to Remember as a Hit-and-Run Victim
5 Things to Do if You’re in a Car Accident
5 Tips for Picking the Best Personal Injury Attorney
5 Tips on How to Stay Safe While Boating
5 Ways to Avoid a Car Accident
5 Ways to Lose a Personal Injury Case
6 Types of Evidence to Gather in a Fast Food Sexual Abuse Case 
66-Year-Old Man Charged with Nursing Home Deaths
A Fall in a Nursing Home May Be a Life Sentence
A Race to the Death
A Tragedy in Dallas, Workplace Premises Deaths in Texas
AARP Answers: Nursing Homes and the Coronavirus
AARP Driver Safety Courses Aim to Keep Older Drivers Out of Car Accidents
Academy Sports + Outdoors Recalls Ozone 500 Density Bicycles Due to Fall and Injury Hazards
Accident Risks Are Four Times Higher with Cell Phones
Accidents Involving Water Parks in Dallas
After 7 Years, CA Nursing Home Abuse Case Still Under Investigation
After a Crime, You May Have a Claim Against the Property Owner
After Fleeing Hit and Run, Dallas Drunk Driver Causes Five More Injuries
All Dogs Have Teeth
Alleged Abuse in Texas Nursing Home
Amazon At Times Sells Defective Products Causing Injury. What to Do About It?
Anchor Devices to Prevent Tipping Child Furniture Defective, Recalled
Another Bike Brake Recall
Anti-Psychotic Drug Use in Nursing Homes Raises Concerns
Antipsychotic Drug Use in Nursing Homes May Change if New Law is Passed
April Children’s Products Recalls
April Is Distracted Driving Awareness Month – Are You Safe?
April Is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month
Are Artists Responsible for Injuries at Their Concerts?
Are You a Victim of Cyclospora Food Poisoning?
Are You At Increased Risk of Fire Injury or Death? Know the Signs
As Many As 67 Deaths Caused by Faulty GM Ignition Switches
Assault: One Type of Intentional Tort
ATM Machines Trigger Negligent Security Lawsuits
Avandia and Heart Attack Risks
AVMA Offers Advice for Preventing Dog Bites
Avoid Accidents the Whole Year Round
Avoiding Boating Accidents This Spring
Avoiding Drunk Drivers on the Road
Avoiding the Madness and Staying Safe on the Roads During Dallas’s Black Friday Rush
Back to School is a Great Time to Brush Up on Bicycle Safety
Back to School Safety Tips for Texas Drivers
Bankruptcy Court Rules GM Cannot Be Sued for Many Ignition Switch Defects
Bar’s Fate Decided by TABC Following a Drunk Driving Accident
Bedsores in Nursing Home Residents Usually a Sign of Neglect
Beware of Defective Bed Rails in Nursing Homes
Bicycling in Dallas? Know the Rules
Big Spring Nursing Home Investigation
Bill Requiring Texas Nursing Homes to Disclose Disease Data Becomes Law
Billions of Taxpayer Dollars Go to Inadequate Nursing Homes
Blood Tests for Alzheimer’s Disease in Development
BMW Recalls 140,000 Sedans for Tail Light Defect
Boating and Personal Watercraft Accidents on Texas Lakes Are Deadly Serious
BP Gulf Oil Spill Victims Receive Settlement
Brain Injuries: An Overview
Buyer Beware! What You Need to Know Before You Purchase a Car Seat Online
Can a Gym Run Into Liability?
Can Bankruptcy Impact a Personal Injury Case?
Can You Get Brain Injuries During Yoga?
Can You Sue If Your Child was Injured?
Car Crash Results in 7 Fatalities
Caramel Coloring in Beverages and Foods Can Be Dangerous
Carbon Monoxide Deaths Are Far Too Common in Texas
Carbon Monoxide Deaths in Recent Cold Texas Weather
Caring for Elderly Loved Ones at Home in Texas
Casino Construction Worker Struck by Lightning
Catholic Church’s In-House Processes Handling Sex-Abuse Claims Called Into Question Due to Re-Traumatizing Victims
Causes of Nursing Home Abuse
Certain Royal Sovereign Portable Air Conditioners Recalled Due to Fire Hazard
Cheyenne Products Recalls Folding Chairs and Barstools Due to Fall Hazard
Child Injured After DWI Crash
Child Killed in Drunk Driving Accident
Children Choking Hazards and Personal Injury Prevention
Children Like to Climb on Furniture. It’s a Fact That Often Leads to Tragic Results
Chobani Recalls Yogurt Cups Due to Food Poisoning
Choking Hazards: How to Prevent and React
Choosing the Right Booster Seat for Your Child
Choosing the Right Nursing Home for Your Loved One
Class Action Suit Filed on NYC Restaurant for Spread of Hepatitis A
Common Devices Named in Dallas Medical Product Liability Claims
Common Sports Injury That May Cause Paralysis
Common Types of Food Poisoning
Common Types of Paralysis Injuries in Texas
Confusion Surrounds Houston Toxic Waste Leak
Congress Mandates New Car Technology to Stop Drunk Driving
COVID-19 Leaving Texas Nursing Home Residents Feeling Isolated
CPSC Children’s Products Recalls for March
CPSC’s August Children’s Products Recalls
CPSC’s Children’s Products Recalls for July
CPSC’s June Product Recalls
CPSC’s May Children’s Product Recalls
Crane Cable Snaps at World Trade Center Construction Site
Crash Between School Bus, DART Bus, and SUV Leaves Two Injured
Crossing Concerns: Making Bicyclists Safe On The Roads
Cyclist Injury Sparks Biking Awareness
Cyclospora Outbreak Continues to Spread
Dallas Construction Worker Dies After Hit by Forklift
Dallas County DWI Task Force Creates New Website
Dallas Cowboys Player Arrested for Drunk Driving Accident
Dallas Cowboys’ Josh Brent Court Date Set for Intoxication Manslaughter
Dallas Dogs on the Loose
Dallas Driver Struck by Passing Vehicle After Car Breaks Down on I-20
Dallas Fifth Worst City for Dog Attacks on Letter Carriers
Dallas Man Sentenced After Fatal Car Accident
Dallas Mom Alerts Teens to Drunk Driving Dangers
Dallas Neck and Back Injury
Dallas Nerve Injury Lawyers
Dallas Nursing Home Patient Sues Over Poor Quality of Care
Dallas Officer Victim of a Hit and Run
Dallas Tow Truck Driver Hits Pedestrian in Deadly Hit-and-Run
Dallas Truck Accidents
Dallas-Area Minor Sex Abuse Allegations In the News Headlines
Dangers of Tourism Accidents in Ft. Worth
DART Driver Involved in Five-Car Accident is Fired
Death of Texas Nursing Home Patient Spurs Investigation
Deer Hunting Tree Stands
Dental Insurance Class Action Case
Dentist May Have Exposed Thousands of Patients to HIV and Hepatitis
Depositions in a Car Accident Injury Case
Dietary Supplements and Liver Damage
Different Types of Severe Brain Injuries
Distracted Driving Car Accident Causes Injuries
Distracted Driving in Texas Summertime
Distracted Human Driver Causes Google Self-Driving Car’s First Injury Accident
Do Heads-Up Displays Make Smartphone Use in Cars Safer?
Do Helmets Really Help Prevent Brain Injuries?
Do I Need a Police Report from My Car Accident to Sue?
Do Men and Women Recover Differently from Brain Injuries?
Do Red-Light Cameras Cause Car Accidents?
Do Teens Get in More Car Accidents?
Do You Have a Medical Malpractice Case?
Do You Know the New 2019 Laws in Texas?
Do You Know the Signs of a Concussion?
Do You Know These Common Signs of Concussion?
Does Arsenic in Rice Cause Food Poisoning?
Does Google Glass Make Multitasking Safer Behind the Wheel? No, Say Scientists
Does Your Loved One’s Nursing Home Offer a Clean Living Environment?
Does Your Loved One’s Texas Nursing Home Have an Evacuation Plan?
Dog and Animal Bites
Don’t Click and Drive
Driving in Flash Floods
Driving in Flooded Streets
Drunk Driver Crashes into Texas Store and Hits Clerk
Drunk Driver Kills Waxahachie Police Officer
Drunk Driver Lead to Wrongful Death of Mother and Daughter
Drunk Driver Who Confessed on YouTube Gets 6 ½ Years in Prison
Drunk Driving in Texas
Drunk Driving Suspected in Fatal Dallas Crash
Drunk Driving Takes Another Life in North Texas
DWI Convict Goes Back to Jail for Refusing to Apologize
Early Labor Day Car Accident Estimates Show Increase in Texas Crash Deaths
Elder Abuse
Elder Financial Abuse Nearly Cost Dallas Woman $15,000
Elder Financial Abuse: A Growing Problem
Elderly Exercise May Prevent Slip-and-Fall Injuries
Elderly Heat Stroke and Exhaustion
Elderly Texans in Nursing Homes Given Priority for Covid-19 Vaccinations
Electronic Cigarettes – Liable Product or Safe Alternative?
Emotional Signs to Look for in Elder Abuse Cases
Escalator Accidents Can Be Deadly
Essential Protective Wear for Motorcycle Riders
Extended Use of Birth Control Pill May Increase Risk of Glaucoma
Facts to Know About Traffic Accidents in Texas
Family of Man Slain in Baylor Construction Accident Files Wrongful Death Claim
Family Sues Applebee’s for Over-Serving Alcohol
Family Vacation Accidents
Farmers’ Markets Chickens Could Contain More Bacteria
Fast Food Restaurants, Teenage-Worker Rape by Managers
Father Saves Son from Unsafe Construction Site
FDA Receives 89 Food Poisoning Reports from Chobani Yogurt
FDA Weighs in on the Safety of Dietary Supplements
February Children’s Products Recalls
Federal Agencies Consider Imposing Penalties on Fiat Chrysler for Recall Violations
Federal Law Bans Cell Phone Use in Trucks
Federal Regulations for Truck Drivers
Feds Recall Over 2 Million Vehicles to Fix Air Bag Defects
Feds Say Recalls Aren’t Getting Defective Tires Off Roads
Fewer Drivers on the Road Leads to More Aggressive Drivers
Fiat Chrysler Faces $105 Million Fine for Botched Recalls
Financial Abuse of Senior Citizens on the Rise in Texas
First Steps to Filing a Personal Injury Claim
Five Signs of Nursing Home Financial Abuse
Five Things to Consider When Choosing a Nursing Home
Five Things to Know About Distracted Driving
Flushmate Settles Lawsuit
FMCSA, Virginia Tech Begin Study of Truck Driver Fatigue and Safety
Food Poisoning Outbreak from Salad Mix
Food Poisoning Strikes Airplane Passengers
Food Poisoning Tracked on Twitter
Food Poisoning: 3 Biggest Offenders
Food Poisoning: 90 Tons of Salad Recalled for E. Coli
Food Poisoning: FDA Warns of Drugs that May Make E. Coli Infections Worse
Food Poisoning: Salmonella Found in Foster Farms Chicken
Food Poisoning: The What, How, and Where?
Ford Recalls 117,000 Vehicles Because of Seat Belts
Fort Worth in Top 10 DWI Cities
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Four Ways to Avoid Injuries While Holiday Shopping
Four Ways to Prevent Injuries at Railroad Crossings
Four Ways to Travel More Safely This Holiday Season
Frisco Crash Claims the Life of 64-Year-Old Man
Fungal Meningitis Outbreak in Texas
Gas Leaks and Explosions In Texas Homes Present Real Dangers
General Motors Pulls Some SUVs from Market Due to Pending Tire Recall
Governor Greg Abbott Signs Three Strikes Nursing Home Bill
Graduated Driver Licensing Could Save 2000 Lives Each Year
Guns and Wrongful Death
Harvard Tablet App Helps Doctors Monitor Brain Injuries
Have Some (Crowd) Control!
Heat Exhaustion Suffered by the Elderly in Dallas
Help Children Avoid Burn Injuries
Help Kids Stay Safe and Healthy This Fall
Help Kids Stay Safe as They Head Back to School
Help Prevent Fires This Winter by Checking Your Home Heating Equipment Now
Hepatitis Warning Leads to Frozen Berries Recall
Higher Car Wreck Risk Predicted for Memorial Day and Throughout Summer 2015
Hit and Injured or Killed by a Drunk Driver? The Bar or Restaurant Where the Driver Was Drinking Can Be Sued for Damages in Texas
Hit-and-Run Crash Involves Speed and Alcohol
Home Depot and Safavieh Recall Dressers Due to Tip-Over Hazard
Honda Agrees to Pay Federal Fine After Failing to Report Injuries, Deaths
Honda Announces Recall of Pioneer 700 & Pioneer 1000 Off-Road Vehicles Due to Crash Risk
Honda Launches Ad Campaign to Encourage Air Bag Recall Fixes
Honda Recalls 2008 – 2009 Odyssey Minivans
Honda Recalls Near 400,00 Automotives Due to Airbag Malfunction
Hotel Housekeeper Falls to Death in Elevator Shaft
Houston Strip Club Sued Over Wrongful Death of Teen
Houston’s Most Dangerous Dogs
How Alcohol Awareness Month Can Save Your Life
How Automakers Play the Percentages with Recalls
How Big Is the Problem of Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect?
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How Do I Protect My Children from Defective Child Seats?
How Does the IRS Treat Verdict Awards And Settlement?
How Firework-Related Injuries Occur
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How Often Do People Get Surgical Instruments Left In Them After Surgery?
How to Avoid Bike Accidents at Intersections
How to Avoid Common Summer Injuries
How to Avoid Food Poisoning While Grilling
How to Avoid School Zone Accidents
How to Bike Safely in Dallas-Fort Worth
How to Build Your Claim After a Catastrophic Injury in Dallas
How to Choose a Bicycle Helmet
How to Collect Evidence of Neglect or Abuse in a Nursing Home  
How to Detect Nursing Home Financial Abuse in Dallas
How to Determine What Gave You Food Poisoning
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How to Drive on Rural Roads at Night
How to Drive Safely in Pedestrian Areas
How to Drive Safely in the Rain
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How to Protect Nursing Home Residents from Sexual Abuse
How to Protect Your Child from Food Poisoning
How to Protect Yourself From Aggressive Dog Breeds
How to Protect Yourself from Dog Bites
How to Recognize Signs of Dog Aggression
How to Report Food Poisoning in Texas
How to Share the Road Safely With Bicycles
How to Spot a Drunk Driver
How to Stay Hydrated After Food Poisoning
How to Stay Safe on a Construction Site
Hunting for Bigfoot: Firearm Tips on Personal Injury Prevention
I’ll Be Back in a Minute: Summer Heat and Leaving Children in Cars
Ice Cream Containing Metal Shavings Poses Product Liability Risk
Identifying and Stopping Identity Theft in Nursing Home Settings
In a Texas Hunting Accident, Who May Be Liable?
Increase in Dallas County School Bus Accidents
Injured in an Accident Caused by a Distracted Driver?
Injuries Caused by Defective Medical Devices
Injuries Commonly Suffered in Dallas Drunk Driving Accidents
Installing Security Cameras to Protect the Elderly in Nursing Homes
Interstate 635 Accident Leaves Mesquite Pedestrian Dead
Is a Dog “Attack” the Same as a Dog Bite?
Is Amazon Really a “Seller” for Purposes of Products Liability in Texas?
Is Drunk Driving Criminal Law or Civil Law?
Is It Motorcycle Season Yet? Let’s Be Safe in Dallas
Is Talcum Powder Use Linked to Ovarian Cancer?
Is the Texas State Fair Safe?
It Was Motorcycle Safety Month This Past May
IVC Filter Injuries on the Rise in Texas (and Nationwide)
January Is National Winter Sports TBI Awareness Month
Jet Ski/SeaDoo Accidents
Johnson & Johnson Faces Lawsuits Linking Talcum Powder Use to Ovarian Cancer
Johnson & Johnson Recalls Knee Replacement Device
Judge Thinks NFL Settlement May Not be Enough
Keep Teens Safer Behind the Wheel: What Parents Can Do
Keep Your Kids Safe from Head Injuries While Playing Sports
Lampasas Man Experiences Explosion of 40 Volt Lithium-Ion Battery
Laptop Explosion Makes Headlines
Leading Causes of Dallas Spinal Cord Injuries
Leading Reasons for Dallas Rear-End Car Accidents
Liability in Texas Car Accidents
Lyft reveals more than 4,000 sexual assaults occurred in its vehicles from 2017 to 2019
Make Every Month Safe for Bicyclists!
Making a Holiday Visit to an Elderly Relative? Three Ways to Check that Everything Is Okay
Making Playground Equipment Safe and Fun for Children
Malpractice Warnings With Allergy Season Arriving
Man Accused of Murdering Adrian Peterson’s Son Charged with 2nd Degree Murder
Man Killed in DUI Rollover Accident
Man Topples Historic Boulder After Claiming ‘Debilitating’ Personal Injury from Car Accident
Manchester, England Dog Owner Admits to Animal Cruelty Resulting in Wrongful Death
May Is National Bike Month. Are You Ready to Ride?
May Is National Electrical Safety Month
McKinney Police Say Four-Car Accident Was Triggered by Wrong-Way Driver
McKinney Sergeant Involved in Motorcycle Accident
Medical Malpractice Case Leaves Man Paralyzed, $2.85 Million Awarded
Medical Malpractice Injuries That May Cause Paralysis
Medical Malpractice? Houston Cancer Doctor Sells False Hope
Medical Recall: FDA Bans Heart Stress Test Drug for Death and Cardiac Arrest
Medicare Fraud is a Big Problem You Can Fight and Possibly Get Paid On!
Medicated Driving Is as Dangerous as Drunk Driving
Misleading Food Labels Trigger Class Action Lawsuits
Most Cyclospora Cases in Texas
Mother Severely Injured by Drunk Driver Speaks Out
Motorcycle Crash Claims the Life of Austin Man
Motrin Infant Drops Recalled
Nap Nanny Infant Recliners Recalled After Five Infant Deaths
Nationwide Survey Sees Drop in Nursing Home Quality Scores
Natural Gas Explosion in Plano Home Causes Devastation
New Federal Rule Could Make It Easier to Seek Compensation from Nursing Homes
New Research Identifies Gaps in Support Services for Sexual Assault Survivors in Texas
New Riders in the House? Make Safety Part of Their Bicycling Privileges
New Study Finds Increase in Food Choking Injuries
New Study Shows Teen Driver Deaths are on the Rise
NHTSA Provides Tips for Improving Car Seat Safety
No Helmet During My Crash; Is My Case Weakened?
Nursing Home Abuse and Elder Care Abuse
Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect by the Numbers
Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect Remains an Ongoing Problem
Nursing Home Abuse Case Settlement vs. Going to Trial 
Nursing Home Abuse Caught on Camera
Nursing Home Abuse or Neglect: Know the Signs
Nursing Home Abuse: A Growing Problem
Nursing Home Arbitration Clauses Make the Fight for Justice More Difficult
Nursing Home Homicide Result of Negligent Care
Nursing Home Worker Pleads Guilty to Abusing Elderly Patient
Nursing Homes Make Heavy Use of Anti-Psychotic Drugs
Nursing Homes Manipulating Five-Star Ratings System
Oil Extraction: Is the Pay Worth the Risk?
Oil Workers File Wrongful Death Lawsuit After Explosion
On The Border Investigated For Alcohol Violations in Texas 
One Bite Too Deep
One Worker Dead and One Missing After Oil Rig Accident
P.F. Chang’s Recalls Meal Containing Traces of Surprise Shellfish
Paradise Grills Recalls Outdoor Kitchens Due to Fire and Burn Hazards
Paralyzed Texas Girl Writes Drunk Driver a Letter
Parking Lots Are a Major Holiday Danger Zone
Pedestrian Crosswalk Systems May Not Be Reliable
Pedestrian Injuries Increase in 2010
Peloton Warns Owners to Keep Children Away From Treadmills After Child’s Death
Pit Bull Attack
Plan Ahead for a Happy, Injury-Free New Year
Plastic Fragments Found in Frozen Steaks
Playing It Safe in Texas Highway Work Zones This Summer
Polaris Recalls Ranger Off-Road Vehicles and PRO XD and Bobcat Utility Vehicles Due to Crash Hazard
Possible Penalties for a Texas DUI Arrest
Potential Dram Shop Civil Case: Too Many Vodka Red Bulls Reportedly Leads to Tragedy in Dallas-Fort Worth
Pregnant and Driving? Remember Your Safety
Premises Liability Depends on Status of the Injured Party
Prescription Drug Is Illegally Marketed, Has Harmful Side Effects
Prevent Food Poisoning: 4 Tips on Buying the Best Fish
Preventing Food Poisoning
Priest Arrested by Garland PD Over Alleged Inappropriate Contact with Minors
Princeton Meningitis May Spark Hurried FDA Vaccine Approval
Product Liability Cases – the Famous and the Controversial
Product Liability Lawyers
Product Liability: 2 Auto Recalls Ranging in Severity
Product Liability: 23andMe Genetic Testing Stopped by FDA
Product Liability: Chemical in Lotion May Cause Premature Birth
Product Liability: FDA Moves to Ban Trans Fats
Product Liability: FDA Warns Against Harmful Illegal Contacts
Product Liability: Flamin’ Hot Snacks May Lead to Health Risk
Product Liability: Johnson & Johnson to Pay $4 Billion Settlement Over Hip Implants
Product Liability: Toyota Recalls 870,000 Vehicles for Spider-Related Defect
Product Liability: Workout Supplement Contains Methamphetamine-Like Stimulant
Product Liability? Tesla Motors Denies Car Fires Are Product of a Defect
Product Recall: Baby Monitors Recalled after 2 Deaths
Product Recall: Supplement Linked to Liver Failure and Hepatitis
Propane Gas Explosion: Prevent Grilling Explosions During Grilling Season!
Protect Your Guests From Burn Injuries This Labor Day: Top Tips
Proving Medical Malpractice Through Misdiagnosis
Questions About Personal Injury You’ve Been Wanting to Ask
Recent Case of Food Poisoning from Iguana Joe’s
Recognizing the Signs of Lead Poisoning in Children and Adults
Recovery From Dallas Car Accidents Due to Slick Roads
Reporting Suspected Elder Abuse to the Texas Attorney General
Rescued Dog Bites NBC Anchor in the Face
Risperdal (Bi-Polar Medication)
Robberies and Aggravated Assaults Spike in Oak Lawn This Fall
RV Crash Leads to Wrongful Death Case
Safe Driving During the Holidays
Safe Toys Are Fun Toys: How to Choose Safer Toys for the Children You Love
Safer Costume Design Means a Safer Halloween
Safety Tips for Boating Season
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recall, a Case in Product Liability
School Bus Accident Causes Injuries
School Bus Scofflaws
Seawall DWI Crash Kills 2 Pedestrians and a Dog
Second Fatal Construction Accident at New 49ers Stadium
See’s Candies Recalls Chocolate Covered Rasins
Several Months after a Promise to Launch, Chrysler Safety Campaign Is Still in the Works
Sexual Assault of Teenage Employees by Management at Fast Food Restaurants Occurs Far More Often You Might Think
Should Texas Nursing Homes Have Hidden Cameras?
Should You Beware of Contaminated Candy on Halloween?
Signs of Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect
Smartphone App Places Truck and Bus Safety Data at Your Fingertips
SMU Student Killed in Crash with Suspected Drunken Driver who Ran Red Light in Dallas
Snow and Ice Driving Safety
Snuffer’s Restaurant & Bar Investigated For Liquor Law Violations 
Sorrow, Condolences, and Hope
South by Southwest Accident Strikes Austin
Sports-Related Head Injuries on the Rise in Children
Staying Safe on the Road to the Playoffs
Street Racing Continues to Plague Dallas – With Deadly Results
Studies Find Distracted Drivers Also Impede Emergency Vehicles
Studies Find Older Adults Face Highest Risk of Slip-and-Fall Injuries
Study Finds Number of Toy-Related Injuries Is Climbing
Study: Texas Drivers are Some of the Nation’s Worst
Summer Has Arrived and So Has Hot Car Danger
Summertime Drunk Driving in Texas
Suspected drunk driver charged for Arlington crash killing man, pregnant woman, unborn child
Suspected Drunk Driver Told Police He Had 6 Beers, 1 Shot Before Dallas Crash that Killed 2, Docs say
Teenager Killed in Motorcycle Accident
Tesla Model S P85D Forces Consumer Reports to Rethink Its Ratings System
Texan Millionaire Guilty of Drunk Driving Death
Texas Attorney General Provides Tips for Choosing a Safe and Caring Nursing Home
Texas City Endures Refinery Accidents and Chemical Spills
Texas Colleges Receive $400,000 in Safety Education Grants
Texas Construction Accident Kills One and Injures Two
Texas Department of Workers’ Compensation Seeks Presenters for “Texas Safety Summit”
Texas DOT Provides Tips for Driving Safely Near Large Trucks
Texas Dram Shop Claims Explained
Texas DWI Convict Sentenced to 45-years in Prison
Texas Family Has Video Proof of Nursing Home Abuse
Texas Included in Frozen Food E. Coli Recall
Texas Lawmakers Consider “Three Strikes” Bill for Nursing Home Abuses
Texas Leads the Nation in Construction Deaths
Texas Now Has a 30-year Statute of Limitations Benefiting Child Sex Abuse Victims and Certain Claims
Texas Nursing Home Abuse Leads to Arrest
Texas Nursing Home Aide Bites Alzheimer’s Patient’s Head
Texas Nursing Home Employees Fired After Reporting Abuse
Texas Nursing Homes Lead the Nation in Serious Violations
Texas Police Chase Ends in Intersection Crash
Texas Police Enact No-Refusal on Fourth of July
Texas Ranks Last in the Nation for Nursing Home Care
Texas Reporter Attacked by Pit Bull
Texas Reports Highest Number of Sexual Assaults on Army Bases
Texas to Allow Limited Visitation in Nursing Homes With No Active Coronavirus Cases
Texas Widow Files Wrongful Death Case Against TXI
Texting and Driving More Dangerous than Drunk Driving?
The Boppy Company Recalls Over 3 Million Newborn Loungers After 8 Infant Deaths; Suffocation Risk
The Common Symptoms of Food Poisoning
The Danger of Jackknife Truck Crashes in Texas
The Dangers of Driving While Impaired
The Dangers of Infections in Nursing Homes
The Dark Side of Senior Care in Texas
The Duty of the Plaintiff to Mitigate Damages
The Evils of Clamshell Packaging
The Facts Parents Need to Know about Teen Driving
The Future Is Now: Self-Driving Cars Are Coming
The Liability in Joyrides
The Risk of Self-Rescue
The Severity of Construction Site Accidents
The Shocking Scale of Nursing Home Abuse in Texas
The Top 10 Most Dangerous Prescription Drugs on the Market
The Top 3 Common Basketball Injuries
The Top 4 Injuries from Slip and Fall Accidents
The Yellow Dog Project Raises Awareness
Think Twice Before Taking the Escalator
This February, Think About Electrical Safety
This January, Add House Fire Protection to Your List of Resolutions
This March, Practice Workplace Eye Safety Awareness
Three Common Texas Car Accident Injuries
Three Dallas Children Die in Drunk Driving Accident
Three Ways to Check Your Bicycle for Safety Before You Ride
Three Ways to Reduce Workplace Slip and Fall Accidents
Throwing a Fall Party? Play It Safer With These Tips
Tips for Bicycle Commuting
Tips on How to Avoid Car Accidents
Tips on How to Prevent Food Poisoning
Tips to Protect Against Drunk Driving Accidents
TireWise Program Aims to Increase Tire Safety Awareness
To Eat or Not to Eat: Food Recall Safety
To Reduce Truck Accidents FMCSA Considers New Sleep Apnea Rule
Toddler Killed in Texas School Bus Accident
Top 10 Best Explosive Gas Detectors in 2020
Top 10 Nursing Home Violations
Top 3 Designated Driver Apps
Top 3 Types of Biking Accidents
Top 5 Causes of Boating Accidents
Top 5 Child Sports Injuries in Texas
Top Causes of Car Accidents in Texas Cities
Top Stats on Texas Car Accidents in 2013
Top Tips for Preventing Dog Bite Injuries
Tougher Teen Driving Laws
Tragic Oklahoma Dog Attack Death
Transform Recalls Four-Drawer Chests Due to Tip-Over and Entrapment Hazards; Sold Exclusively at Kmart
Triangle Tube Recalls Gas Boilers Due to Risk of Carbon Monoxide Hazard; One Death Reported
Trucker Browsing Facebook on Phone Causes Fatal Accident
Twenty Percent of Commercial Vehicles Fail Safety Standards
Two Die After Fiery Dallas Car Crash
TxDOT Urges PASS to Stop Drunk Drivers
Types of Medical Malpractice
Types of Spinal Cord Injuries Suffered in Dallas Car Accidents
Typical Signs of Nursing Home Abuse
U.S. CPSC 2020 Report: Injuries and Fatalities Associated with Furniture Tip-Overs
Uber Technology: How Is It Causing Traffic Accidents?
Understanding Elder Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation
Understanding the Rights of Texas Nursing Home Residents
Understanding the Special Risks Involved in Texas 18-Wheeler Truck Accident Cases
Understanding Your Right to File Bicyclist Wrongful Death Claims in Texas
Ungrounded Electricity Can Cause Fatalities at a Construction Site
Using Smartphones Smartly
UT Austin Joins National Initiative to Research Traumatic Brain Injuries
UT Professor Publishes Groundbreaking Research on Intersections
UT-Dallas Crane Collapse Kills Two Construction Workers
Volkswagen Recalls 2015 Tiguan to Fix Faulty Tire Labeling
Volkswagen Recalls 420,000 Vehicles for Faulty Air Bags
W.T. Johnson Donates to the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden
W.T. Johnson Donates to the United Way of Metropolitan Dallas
W.T. Johnson Wins $500,000 Auto Accident Jury Verdict
Wal-Mart Shopper Bit by Rattlesnake
Wash Veggies to Prevent Food Poisoning
Watch Out for “Valentine’s” Road Rage
Watch Out for Memorial Day Motorcycle Crashes
Watch Out for Slip-and-Fall Situations While Doing Your Holiday Shopping
Watch Out: Dog Bites Increase in the Summer
Weather Plays a Big Role in Texas Boating Safety
Weight Loss Companies Are Having Their Own Fat Trimmed
Wells Pedestrian Accident Kills Child, Injures Another
What Can I Do If I’ve Had Toxic Exposure at Work?
What Causes Deadly Drilling Accidents
What Do I Do If I Think I’m a Food-Poisoning Victim?
What Does Automobile Insurance Cover?
What Does Workers’ Compensation Cover?
What Happens During a Car Accident Mediation?
What Happens If My Uber Driver Gets in an Accident?
What Happens When a Truck Spill Causes an Accident
What If I’m in a Texas Accident That Leaves Me With Paralysis?
What Is a Class Action Suit?
What Is My Nursing Home Negligence Case Worth?
What OSHA Inspectors Look for at Restaurants
What Starts Apartment Fires?
What to Do After a Hit-and-Run Accident
What to Do After a Pedestrian Accident
What to Do After a Slip and Fall Accident
What to Do After a Slip-and-Fall While Shopping on Black Friday
What to Do After a Truck Accident
What to Do After Getting Food Poisoning
What to Do If a Dog Bites You
What to do if You See a Drunk Driver
What to Do If You Suspect Nursing Home Abuse
What to do if You Were in a Car Accident
What to Do If You’re in an Accident with a Dallas Drunk Driver
What to Do If You’ve Been in a Motorcycle Accident
What to Do If You’ve Been Injured at a Festival or Concert
What to Do If Your Pet Dog or Cat Bites You
What Types of Fractures are Commonly Suffered in Car Accidents?
What You Can Do to Avoid Vehicular Accidents
What You Need to Know: Dram Shop Laws in Texas
When Discrimination Reaches the Level of Medical Malpractice
When Does Dram Shop Liability Come Into Play?
Who Is Responsible for an Accident with a Drunk Truck Driver?
Who Is Responsible for Construction Accidents?
Whole Foods Recalls Cheese Because of Food Poisoning
Why Are Takata Airbags Causing Accidents and Injuries? The Answer Is Still Unclear
Why Hands-Free Technology Still Leads to Car Accidents
Why People Doubt The Quality of Senior Care
Will the U.S. Ban Cell Phone Use While Driving?
Woman Killed in Rollover Accident
Woman Killed in Wrong-Way Collision
Woman Sues Doctors Over Alleged Misdiagnosis of Breast Cancer
Workplace Risks: Two U.S. Teachers Killed in Two Days
Wound Care in Texas Nursing Homes
Wrong-Way Accidents: They’re More Common Than You Think
Wrongful Death: Two Girls Arrested for Bullying 12-Year-Old Who Committed Suicide
Xarelto Recalls 13,500 Bottles, But Risks Remain
Zero Turn Lawn Mowers