By JohnDrunk Driving Accidents

Every 30 minutes, there is a person who is killed because of drunk driving. This translates to about 16,000 fatalities annually – all because of alcohol and a negligent driver who chose to violate the law. Apart from the fatalities, there are injuries that occur every other minute.

The numbers speak for themselves. Drunk driving is a major problem for many motorists and pedestrians in the road today. You can be driving as defensively as you can, and still be involved in an accident that not only damages properties, but can also claim lives. Here are some information about drunk driving that you may find useful.  rainyroads

Spotting a drunk driver

If you’re driving late at night (or any other time when there’s somebody drunk driving on the road), watch out for these signs to stay away from a potential disaster:

  • The car quickly accelerates and decelerates
  • The car tailgates you, or the vehicle in front of him/her
  • The car weaves and zigzags across the road
  • The car is driving in a lane or area that he or she is not supposed to
  • The car almost hits an object, another vehicle, or the center island
  • The car immediately stops for no particular reason
  • The car drifts in and out of lanes
  • The car signals in a way that is not consistent with his/her actions
  • The car does not respond immediately to stop signs and other traffic signals
  • The car stays between two lanes
  • The car drives with the headlights during the day, or no headlights during night
  • The car swerves
  • The car may be going below the speed limit
  • The car abruptly turns
  • The car ends up in the opposite or the wrong side of the road

These are only some of the many signs that drunk drivers show. If you see one and feel that he or she is a danger to you or to others on the road, please take note of the following:

  • Call the local highway patrol or police
  • Take note of the car’s license plate
  • Inform the authorities that you suspect that the car is being driven by a drunk person
  • Provide your location

It is also a little known fact that Alaska is the state with the highest drunk driving incidents. Many attribute it to the cold weather which makes drinking attractive. As such, it is imperative to be careful and attentive – even if you’re driving in Alaska or anywhere else in the world.

It has always been said that alcohol impairs an individual’s vision. However, recent studies are leaning more on the fact that what makes drunk driving dangerous is that alcohol alters a person’s depth of perception instead – seeing things at a certain distance which is not where they truly are.

Many of us believe that a ‘few drinks’ could do no harm. However, it is also undeniable that a ‘few’ could turn to more. An individual’s chances of being a road hazard dramatically increases after the second beer. If you just finished a six-pack, the chances that you will be involved in a drunk driving incident increases by as much as 44%.

If you or a loved one have been victims of drunk driving, please don’t hesitate to contact the Law Offices of W.T. Johnson so we can take a look at your case.

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