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Though going boating in the Texas heat is meant to be a fun, sun-filled occasion, boating accidents do happen and are rather common. Boating is a good time, but involves travelling at high speeds and it is sometimes harder to see around bends if you are boating on a lake or in a bay. 4 Ways to Prevent Boating AccidentsBoating accidents can occur between commercial and recreational boating vehicles, and all boating accidents should be taken very seriously. Serious injuries can occur in a boating accident. Drunk driving also occurs on the water and can be extremely dangerous for the surrounding boats and passengers as well as the boat being driven by the drunk driver. If there is an accident there are a few things to do immediately following.

What To Do In The Event Of A Boating Accident

  • If the boat did not sink, or start sinking, see if anyone involved in the accident requires first aid or medical attention. If the boat is sinking, make sure every passenger can get to a floatation device, if they were not wearing one prior to the accident.

  • If on the ocean, and no one was seriously injured on your boat, call the Coast Guard immediately. Tell the Coast Guard about the accident and alert them if anyone needs emergency or medical attention.

  • Try and help the other involved boat(s) if necessary and see if any of their passengers need medical or emergency attention.

  • Exchange information with the following: the driver(s) of the boat(s) involved, every passenger on the boat(s) involved, any eyewitnesses, exchange registration numbers for all boats involved, and exchange names of the insurance companies of all boats involved as well as their policy numbers and any other important information that you see fit.

  • After all passengers that require medical information are attended to and the area is safe, take photographs of all of the boats involved and all visible damage

  • If the accident occurs on a lake, creek, or any other non ocean body of water, the report should be made to Texas Parks and Wildlife.

Report The Accident Immediately If:

According to Texas Parks and Wildlife Codes, you have a while to report a boating accident, and can actually wait up to 30 days to report a boating accident. However, if the following occur during the accident, it must be reported immediately:

  • If any passenger on any boat involved dies in the accident, or within 48 hours of the accident

  • any passenger on any boat involved is injured beyond the help of a first aid kit

  • the damages to any vehicle involved exceed $2,000.00.

It does not matter who is at fault in the boating accident, it should always be reported, unless the damage is very minor.

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