By JohnCharities

The Law Office of W.T. Johnson doesn’t just fight injustice in the courtroom, but also by supporting those who are in need in our community. Recently, we began a corporate sponsor partnership with the United Way of Metropolitan Dallas, which tries to create lasting community change in Dallas.

We will be donating money each month for the next year to help United Way support those in need in the Dallas community. The United Way of Metropolitan Dallas has provided community services in Dallas, Collin, Rockwall and southern Denton counties since 1924.  

The United Way has three major goals for its United 2020 campaign. First, it prepares children to graduate and do well in future education. It hopes to help 60 percent of high schoolers to succeed in post high school education.

It also assists families in leaving poverty permanently.  By 2020, it wants to move 250,000 families out of poverty and help them become self-sufficient. Lastly, it wants to instruct those in the community how to live healthy, responsible lives.

“The United Way of Metropolitan Dallas is one of the leaders in our area for improving the lives of Dallas citizens,” W.T. Johnson attorney David Crowe said. “By helping children graduate high school and finding meaningful post-secondary education, the United Way will create lasting change for our area. We believe in what they are doing and want to do what we can to help them in their mission.”

If you would like to learn more about the Law Office of W.T. Johnson and our services or how you can join us in helping the community, please contact us today. 

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