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cringing-man-holding-stomach-in-pain-wt-johnsonThe New Hawaii Sea restaurant located in the Bronx, New York is in legal trouble after 4 patrons and a worker have been diagnosed with hepatitis A. Not exactly a classic case of food poisoning, the virus had spread to patrons after eating food that had been handled by an infected worker.  The suit is led by attorney William Marler, the same William Marler who won his client $15.6 million in a case where the client contracted e. coli from a Jack in the Box in 1993. Lisa Ann Imperati is seeking unspecified damages after she was supposedly exposed to the virus after eating at New Hawaii Sea on September 10th and 14th. After the word of the outbreak spreads, the number of people joining the class action suit is expected to grow. Marler criticizes Mayor Bloomberg for considering the regulation of tobacco and soft drink consumption more important than vaccinating food workers.

This marks the 4th hepatitis scare in NYC in the last 6 months. New Hawaii Sea was shut down by public health authorities on September 20th. City health officials are urging people who ate there between September 7th and 19th to go to a doctor in order to be examined and vaccinated for the virus. Symptoms of hepatitis A tend to manifest anywhere between 15 to 50 days after exposure, common symptoms are jaundice, fatigue, abdominal pain, nausea and diarrhea. If the vaccine is administered within 14 days of exposure, full contraction of the virus could be avoided early. With this in mind, city officials have sent a team to a local High School to administer hepatitis A vaccinations, free of charge.

As a customer, if a business does an injustice to you, it is likely others have been affected by their negligence as well. Let W.T. Johnson get you and the other victims the necessary compensation by contacting us immediately with your case.

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