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We’ve all been there, food poisoning is the worst. Sometimes we assume the risks of eating something questionable, but other times we prepared the food ourselves and never saw it coming. Food poisoning is hard to avoid, but we can be aware of the risky foods that are known to cause a high number of food related illnesses. Knowing how to properly steer clear of dangers is as important as knowing how to properly prepare the risky foods. Listed below are 3 common suspects of food poisoning, and some information about their transference.

3 Common Foods that Cause Food Poisoning

1. Eggs

The FDA reports that 140,000 Americans are affected each year by food poisoning from bacteria found in eggs, and approximately 30 of them die. The risk comes from the tainted shells, usually from animal waste. It is advised to cook all eggs thoroughly before you eat them. Also, you should always thoroughly wash your hands and every surface that has touched uncooked, liquid egg.

2. Produce

Not being an animal product, produce is a surprising addition to this list. It turns out that leafy green vegetables are the leading offender of foodborne illness. The fields that the veggies are grown in are often polluted by environmental factors and animal feces. They are known to contain E. Coli, salmonella, and other forms of bacterial infection.

3. Fish

I personally associate fish with being a healthy source of fatty acids and protein, but it’s easy to forget how easily they can be contaminated with food poisoning causing bacteria. When the waters get warmer, fish have a higher possibility of containing the dangerous bacteria, vibrio. Vibrio is the bacteria that causes cholera. Fish have recently been studied to find abnormally high amounts of mercury contamination as well. Be careful when buying fish, and always cook it thoroughly to at least 145 degrees Fahrenheit!

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