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Erasmo Ramirez was driving drunk and going 130 m.p.h. when he smashed into Emily Jones’ truck and killed her. Her family is now suing Rick’s Cabaret for allegedly over serving the drunk driver.

Right before the crash, Ramirez was thrown out of Rick’s Cabaret since he refused to pay for more drinks, according to the family’s lawyers. Investigators state that his blood alcohol content was .295, which is more than three times Texas’ legal limit.

Ramirez has already been charged with intoxication manslaughter and sentenced to 15 years in prison.

According to the lawsuit, since Rick’s Cabaret requires its entertainers to pay a nightly “house charge” to work at the club, workers are encouraged to pay the fee by building up credits through how many drinks they sell. The attorneys state this results in many workers over-serving alcohol to the club’s visitors.

If the strip club had not been so focused on money, then Emily would have been able to continue living her beautiful life, stated her lawyers.

This situation could be a violation of Texas’ Dram Shop law, which doesn’t allow licensed alcohol vendors to serve visibly intoxicated patrons. This law holds alcohol sellers accountable for drunk driving accidents if those patrons later injure others because of their intoxication.

If you or your loved one was a victim of a drunk driver due to the negligence of a restaurant or bar, you should contact the Law Office of Crowe, Arnold and Majors immediately. We will fight to get you the justice you deserve.

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