Representing Victims of Injuries Caused by Daycare Negligence

Nowadays, parents often have to leave their children in the hands of daycare professionals due to time consuming careers and other responsibilities. In doing so, parents expect childcare professionals and daycare centers alike to provide a caring and safe environment for their children while they are away. Parents are trusting that their children are free from dangerous equipment and materials that could cause accidents or injuries. Unfortunately, this is not always case and many parents have to experience their child being severely injured due to the negligence of childcare professionals. Crowe Arnold & Majors, LLP has the opinion that parents should entrust the safety of their children to a qualified childcare professional. If an unfortunate accident or injury were to occur, an Fort Worth child injury attorney can help parents receive the compensation that they deserve for damages incurred as a result of an accident or injury involving their children.

Child Injuries Caused by Daycare Negligence in Fort Worth

A younger child is often not able to tell a parent about injuries or abuse that occurs at a daycare center or at the hands of a childcare professional. Parents may begin to notice signs of injuries or changes in behavior associated with the abuse. If a parent believes that their child has been injured at all while at the care of a daycare center or child care professional, they should seek out medical help to determine the extent of the injury and then seek the help of a an attorney that can help them hold the guilty party accountable. The attorneys at Crowe Arnold & Majors, LLP have assisted many families in getting compensation for their child’s injury in many daycare negligence cases.

Accidents at a Daycare in Fort Worth

There are many factors that can contribute to accidents and/or injuries at daycare centers. Accidents at childcare facilities can be caused by:

  • Lack of proper supervision.
  • Inexperienced child care staff
  • Too few staff to the number of children
  • Staff inexperience in first aid
  • Accidents of the playground
  • Hazardous or unsafe facilities
  • Injuries from defective or toxic toys
  • Injuries by other children

These injuries can be serious, or result in death. Crowe Arnold & Majors, LLP believe that parents in this situation are eligible for compensation for the injuries and aftermath of the injuries. Our experienced Fort Worth injury attorneys will thoroughly investigate the incident that led to the injury/abuse to gather the evidence needed to prove the act of negligence so that the parent can be properly compensated. Contact us today at (214) 231-0555.