By JohnNursing Home Abuse & Neglect

The inside of a nursing home.

If you aren’t able to care for your elderly loved one anymore, you want to find the best nursing home for them. It is is hard to know which nursing home is safe though since there are more than half a million cases of nursing home abuse in America every year. To help protect your loved one, you can look out for these signs of nursing home abuse and neglect:

Signs of physical and emotional nursing home abuse

  • Bruises, welts or scars
  • Broken bones, sprains or dislocations
  • Broken eyeglasses
  • Rope marks on wrists
  • The caregiver won’t allow you to see your love one alone
  • Threatening, belittling or controlling caregiver behavior

Signs of nursing home neglect

  • Unusual weight loss, malnutrition, dehydration
  • Bed sores
  • Unsanitary or unsafe living conditions
  • Being left unbathed
  • Unsuitable clothing or covering for the weather
  • Your loved one is left at a public place

If you have noticed any of these signs of nursing home abuse or neglect displayed in your loved one, you should report it as soon as possible. Most elderly don’t report their abuse because they are afraid of what might happen to them if they tell someone.

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