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Every year, on the Friday after Thanksgiving, stores open early while it is still dark outside to crowds of eager shoppers hoping to score a discounted deal on a hot item, such as a television or laptop. While many of the deals are attractive and can help bargain shoppers score holiday gifts for loved ones at a fraction of the regular retail price, Black Friday has a darker side. In recent years, the shopping holiday has become notorious for overzealous shoppers who will stop at nothing to nab a coveted deal in short supply. The Dallas news has extensively covered reports of stampedes at retail giants like Walmart. One spate of injuries that has been overlooked, however, have not occurred inside the stores on Black Friday but rather, on the streets.

Practicing Safety on Black Friday

Because the stores open before the sun rises on Black Friday or even in the late evening on Thanksgiving, many shoppers choose to forego sleep in the hunt for deals. This leads to a deadly combination of exhausted drivers falling asleep behind the wheel and frantic, reckless drivers racing to get to the stores on time. Below are some tips to avoid Black Friday car accidents:

  • Turkey has long been touted as a natural sleeping aid for Thanksgiving revelers because it contains tryptophan. When combined with gorging on mashed potatoes, stuffing, and more, many Thanksgiving eaters find themselves increasingly tired after the large meal. With stores opening now right after Thanksgiving dinner, instead of curling up on the sofa for a nap in front of the television, many patrons are flocking to the stores early with full stomachs. Driving at night while exhausted is dangerous and results in falling asleep behind the wheel and reduced reaction time. Try to avoid eating as much food on Thanksgiving (your belt will thank you!). Get some rest before heading out on the road to give yourself an added boost of energy.
  • Don’t push yourself past your limits. Everyone needs sleep, and you know how many hours you need at a minimum to function like a normal person. Shopping on Thanksgiving night and in the wee morning hours of Black Friday leaves little time for rest, especially when you are eagerly hunting through Black Friday ads and planning out your stops. Exhaustion often times hits you unexpectedly when driving in the dark alone. Make sure to schedule enough time to sleep in between shopping trips. If you feel tired while on the road, pull over into a well-lit, safe parking lot to take a nap.
  • If you see reckless drivers who are swerving, appear intoxicated, driving the wrong way, have their headlights off, or are distracted with texting, notify the authorities and stay away from these drivers.

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