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Representative Cases, Verdicts and Settlements

Significant Recent Trial Verdicts

$3.0 million — Jury verdict after trial involving allegations of nursing home abuse and neglect, in which victim suffered sepsis and severe malnutrition and dehydration. (Oklahoma)

$500,000 — Jury verdict after trial involving auto accident with only $26,000 in medical expenses.

Excess of $1 million — Settlement following medical malpractice trial that concluded in a mistrial due to jury misconduct.

Significant Recent Settlements

$3.3 million — Client was raped at fast-food restaurant by a manager.

$2.25 million — Defendant bar violated Texas liquor-liability laws by overserving a customer who then killed a person.

$2 million — Injured delivery truck driver.

$1.45 Million — Nursing home bed sore and infection death. (Oklahoma)

$1.365 Million — Oil field crane failure.

1.25 Million — Nursing home sexual abuse. (Oklahoma)

$1 million — Client’s father was stabbed by a fellow resident at an apartment complex.

$1 million — Nursing home fall. (Oklahoma)

In addition to the above cases, we have recovered over $100 million in settlements involving various injuries, damages and cases.

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