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This weekend a truck accident on Interstate 35 killed the driver when the tractor-trailer slammed into a bridge support in Lorena.

The 18-wheeler accident occurred at 4 a.m. when the southbound tractor-trailer crashed into a bridge pillar, which moved the concrete support off its base. A large crane was used to pull the truck and trailer up the embankment and off the roadway so crews could clear debris.

Witnesses driving behind the truck said it started swerving about a mile before hitting the bridge. The truck was hauling dry goods, and there was no fire involved in the crash. The truck accident resulted in the southbound interstate at mile marker 322 being closed where the road crossed the interstate. Traffic was backed up for more than three miles at one point.

The truck driver was Hugh Newbury of San Antonio, and he would have turned 53-years-old this week. He died from injuries suffered from the truck accident.

In 2010 over 500,000 large truck and commercial vehicles were involved in truck accidents in the U.S. Over 100,000 people sustained serious injuries, and over 5,000 people died in these crashes. This was compared to only 3,200 deaths involving large trucks in 2009, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

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