frustrated-surgeon-holding-bridge-of-nose-wt-johnson70-year-old Stanislaw Burzynski of Houston, TX has been treating a range of patients since 1970. Ranging from cancer to Lupus. He is now claiming to be able to cure a type of brain stem cancer in children that has historically had a 5% mortality rate. Burzynski claims to be able to cure “half” of the annual average of 200 children who are diagnosed with brain stem tumors. Of all the cancers that are found in children, 83% of them can be cured by doctors. The rare brain stem cancer is not one of these. Insurance plans refuse to cover Burzynski’s treatment and he charges up to $100,000 out of pocket. Burzynski has treated over 8,000 patients since 1970 using the same treatment. He uses a drug of his own invention called ‘antineoplastons.’ These sodium-rich drugs are synthesized from blood and urine with a distinctly offensive odor. Originally the substance was made using collected urine from bars, parks, and prisons, but now the drug is synthesized in laboratories. Along with cancer, Burzynski has been using ‘antineoplastons’ to treat AIDS and Lupus.

Although some claim that he has saved their lives, there are no records that he has ever cured anyone, or even helped anyone live longer. None of his findings have been published in a peer-reviewed journal, and his credibility continues to be questioned by his lack of any oncological background. Many cancer professionals refer to him as a ‘snake oil salesman,’ who is selling false hopes with his magic potion. You may be wondering how he’s managed to stay in business for so long. This can be attributed to the fact that many who would seek compensation were terminally ill, and didn’t survive to take him to court. He has all of his patients sign waivers, and the laws in Texas allow him to operate without revocation. The FDA has even hounded him for prescribing non-approved drugs, but Burzynski’s diehard followers who did survive have aggressively supported his continuing treatment with outspoken support.

Patients who are terminally ill will look anywhere for help, and unfortunately there are some who take advantage of other’s vulnerability. If you or someone you know is a victim of medical malpractice or has been taken advantage of by a medical professional, please contact W.T. Johnson to get the compensation you deserve!

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