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frustrated-surgeon-holding-bridge-of-nose-wt-johnson23andMe is well known for their personalized genetic test kits. These test kits are advertised as being able to pinpoint your vulnerability to various diseases, how you metabolize different foods, and even information about your ancestry and lineage. It works when a customer sends in a sample of their DNA (saliva) and 23andMe will run the series of tests. As great and beneficial as these tests may sound, the Food and Drug Administration published an open letter to 23andMe stating that their tests aren’t appropriately backed by science. The FDA says that only medical tests that have been tested and proven by them are able to make such claims. The FDA stands on the grounds that the company is spreading information that may lead patients to seek out medical care that they do not need due to the unregulated testing.

When 23andMe began back in April of 2006, it was funded by Google. The co-founder Anne Wojcicki, the then wife of Google co-founder Sergey Brin, have each invested millions in the company. The couple has since divorced, but both have backed the company vehemently. Their response has been mostly positive, stating that they would like to do everything they can to abide by the FDA’s regulations. The future of 23andMe still remains unclear this early on in the accusations.

Although 23andMe aren’t directly affecting the consumer in a negative way, negative reactions to their disputed information could potentially cause trouble for unknowing consumers. If you or a loved one feels the negative effects of product liability, please contact the Dallas product liability attorneys at Crowe Arnold & Majors, LLP for legal help!

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