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A recent Oklahoma City accident involving a rear-end collision left 4 people injured. The accident occurred on Interstate 240 at Santa Fe in south Oklahoma City. A 24-year-old Oklahoma City resident crashed his car into the back of a pickup carrying four people. Both the car and the truck careened out of control and smashed into barrier walls. The pickup burst into flames, endangering its passengers.

The 75-year-old driver of the truck suffered non-life-threatening injuries. Two of his passengers, ages 73 and 50, suffered critical injuries, and the fourth passenger was treated and released from the hospital.

When looking into a rear-end collision, investigators have a lot of questions to answer. Who was at fault in the accident? Was the vehicle that rear-ended the other vehicle speeding? Was the driver of the colliding vehicle drunk, distracted, excessively fatigued, or negligent in some other way? Was the driver of the vehicle that got hit from behind responsible for the accident due to a sudden lane change, slowing down rapidly, or coming to a stop dangerously quickly? The answers to these investigative questions are all important when it comes to determining liability issues stemming from the accident.

In Texas, if you are injured in a car answer and a negligent driver is at fault, you can pursue compensation for your losses by filing a claim. When you are injured in such an accident, it is important that you enlist the help of an experienced car accident attorney to get the compensation you deserve.

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