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Personal Injury Attorney TXWhen you throw a Labor Day cookout, you want your guests to go home with their stomachs full of delicious grilled treats and their heads full of fun memories. The last thing you want is to start a fire or risk causing a burn injury or other harm to yourself, your family, or your guests.

Before you pack up the grill for the winter, practice these grilling safety tips from your experienced Texas personal injury attorneys:

  • Always check your grill before using it. Even if you’ve used the grill all summer, inspect it before you light it this Labor Day. Check for blocked vents or tubes, dents, corrosion, leakage, loose brackets, or other damage that might lead to injuries.
  • If your grill needs repairs, hire a professional – especially if you’re using a propane grill.
  • Use your grill outdoors only. When you choose an outdoor spot for grilling, make sure it’s at least ten feet from buildings, overhangs, and tree branches.
  • Never use a grill in an enclosed space, even if it’s outdoors. Tents, trailers, garages, and similar spaces can all trap carbon monoxide produced by grilling, which can be deadly.
  • Choose your grill gear wisely. Short sleeves are harder to catch on fire accidentally, while natural fibers are less likely to melt and stick to the skin if they do catch fire. Fire-retardant mitts and long-handled grill tools are also a must. If your grill tongs and other utensils are worn out from a summer of hard use, don’t wait until next summer to replace them.
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