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Texas’s office of Adult Protective Services (APS) often steps in when concerns about nursing home neglect, abuse, or exploitation arise. APS works to keep elderly adults safe while investigations are taking place. They also offer information and support to families whose loved ones may have been harmed.

APS and other Texas departments that handle elder abuse and neglect cases sort maltreatment into three broad categories: abuse, neglect, and exploitation. By understanding how APS and other offices define these words, you can be better prepared to help your loved one avoid harm and to seek the compensation and protection your loved one needs. Don’t hesitate to contact an experienced Texas nursing home abuse attorney for more help.

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Abuse refers to the “negligent or willful infliction of injury,” as well as to a list of possible harms. The list includes maltreatment like unreasonable confinement, intimidation, or cruel punishments that inflict physical or emotional harm. Sexual assault, verbal and psychological abuse, and physical assault all fall under this category.

Neglect describes situations in which a caretaker fails to provide goods and services that are “necessary to avoid physical or emotional harm or pain.” Starvation, dehydration, malnutrition, improper medication, unsanitary or dangerous living conditions, and lack of basic utilities or other needs can all result from neglect.

Exploitation occurs when a caretaker uses the elderly person’s resources improperly for their own benefit or gain, without the elderly person’s informed consent. Taking money or other resources from an elderly person is one example. Exploitation may also be referred to as “financial abuse.”

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