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For years, surgeons have been using a tool called the inferior vena cava filter (IVC). The IVC is a wire device implanted into the largest vein in the body to catch blood clots. It’s prescribed for use for patients who are unable to use anticoagulants (blood thinners). The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has received hundreds of complaints about the filters. The most common problems people reported were punctured organs, punctured blood vessels, and the filter moving to different parts of the body.

In 2010, the FDA added a warning to IVC filter use. The FDA called for the device to be removed from patients as soon as they were cleared for a risk of blood clots. In 2014, the FDA updated the warning. Now, it says the devices should be removed from patients between the 29th and 54th day after it was implanted. Unfortunately, the new warning came too late for some patients. People nationwide have started filing suits against the manufacturers of IVC filters. Suits aren’t just for injuries, some have been brought by the families of people who’ve died after using IVC filters.

IVC Filter Side Effects

IVC filters are designed to prevent blood clots from forming in the lungs. While IVC filters have helped many people, others have reported life-threatening injuries and side effects after using the filter. In a 2010 report that accompanied it’s first warning about IVC filters, the FDA found hundreds of injuries related to using the IVC filter. These included almost 150 people who suffered embolisms (serious blood clots in the lungs). More than 300 people reported the IVC filter moving to a different part of their body. Another 70 people suffered punctured organs.

What Should I Do If I’ve Been Injured By an IVC Filter?

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