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From 2009 to now, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has received at least 92 incident reports involving the Nap Nanny and Nap Nanny Chill products, including five infant deaths. The reports included infants hanging or falling over the side of the products, including some infants who were restrained in the product’s harness.

CPSC urges consumers to immediately stop using all Nap Nanny and Nap Nanny Chill recliners by Baby Matters LLC, and dispose of them to ensure they are not used again. Baby Matters is no longer in business and is not accepting returns. If you purchased your recalled product from a retailer, contact the retailer to see how you can get a refund.

In December 2012, CPSC filed an administrative complaint against Baby Matters seeking a product recall of the Nap Nanny and Nap Nanny Chill infant recliners. Recently, CPSC and Baby Matters reached a settlement agreement that includes the product recall and ended the lawsuit against Baby Matters.

The settlement resolves CPSC’s allegations that the infant recliners create a substantial product hazard. CPSC stated that the products contain a design defect, which presents a risk of injury to infants, and the instructions and warnings are inadequate.  Baby Matters disputed these allegations but has agreed to the recall in consideration for dismissal of the CPSC lawsuit.

We know you want to protect your children from anything that may cause them harm. That’s why we share any children’s products recalls that could potentially injure your child. If you or your loved one was the victim of a personal injury due to a product, you deserve compensation. Contact the product recall attorneys at the Law Offices of Crowe, Arnold & Majors, LLP today and set-up your free, no-obligation consultation.

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