In 2009, there was a tragic drunk driving car accident in which a North Texas child, Abdallah Khader, received brain injuries. The boy was 2-years-old at the accident and suffered damage to 80 percent of his brain after Stewart Lee Richardson hit his family’s car. Abdallah’s parents were also injured in the crash.

The family of six-year-old Abdallah Khader sued Richardson and the restaurant Applebee’s for on the night of the accident serving over 20 drinks to Richardson.

The Texas’ Dram Shop Act lets businesses be sued for damages stemming from over-serving alcohol to a customer who later has a crash. The family filed a civil lawsuit and sought 10 million from Applebee’s for the financial burden of their son’s physical needs, loss of earnings, past medical expenses, as well as emotional and mental anguish.

After the law firm investigated, they found Richardson’s receipt that proved the Applebee’s in Mansfield, Texas served him 23 drinks in less than two hours that night. His blood alcohol level was more than three times the legal limit. He has had six previous drunken driving convictions in two different states. Richardson is waiting for his trial for this most recent drunk driving charge.

The details of the family’s settlement with Applebee’s haven’t been released, but the family can now pay for a special van and nurse to take care of their son’s medical needs.

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