By JohnFood Poisoning

If have ever been a victim of food poisoning, you know how miserable it can be. Food poisoning not only causes illness, but can even in some cases lead to death. If you are suffering from food poisoning, it’s important to take care of yourself, so it doesn’t get worse. Here are four tips on how to recover from food poisoning:

  • Stay hydrated: If you have food poisoning, you lose a lot of fluids through vomiting or diarrhea. Replace your fluids through staying hydrated with water in order avoid dehydration. Also, avoid drinking alcohol or caffeine, which can dehydrate you even more.
  • Eat mild foods: The National Institutes of Health recommends eating foods that will go easy on your stomach: broth, soup, fruit juices, soft fruits, vegetables and liquid solutions like Pedialyte, but avoid eating foods high in dairy, fat, fiber and sugar.
  • Rest well: Since your body is working hard to fight off the infection, you will feel very tired. It’s important to listen to your body and rest, so you can get back to health quickly. 
  • Avoid taking anti-diarrhea medicine: Diarrhea from food poisoning is used by the body to quickly expel your food-borne illness. It is recommended that you do not take any anti-diarrhea medicine, so your body can get rid of your toxins.

If you or a loved one were a victim of food poisoning, you deserve compensation for your physical and emotional trauma. You can talk to an experienced food poisoning attorney about your case by contacting the Law Offices of W.T. Johnson today to set-up your free, no-obligation consultation.

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