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The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) keeps track of accidents that occur on Texas roadways each year. The data are used to measure how well Texas agencies are doing at decreasing car accidents, where and when accidents are most likely to occur, and how many Texas families are affected each year by car accident injuries and deaths. Because these statistics provide such a valuable overview, many experienced Texas car accident lawyers watch for each year’s numbers and examine them carefully.

The agency recently released its numbers for 2013. Here is a “snapshot” of Texas car accident statistics for the past year:

  • 3,377 Texas motorists lost their lives in 2013, a decrease of 1.05 percent from 2012. This decrease in deaths occurred even though the total number of miles traveled by Texas drivers increased.
  • The estimated economic cost of all motor vehicle crashes in 2013 was $25.7 billion in lost wages, medical bills and property damage.
  • In 2013, 65,539 crashes caused injuries, and a total of 89,270 people in these crashes sustained serious injuries. Overall, 232,041 people were injured in Texas car crashes last year.
  • 767 people lost their lives in intersection crashes in 2013. 523 died in head-on collisions. 460 people died in distracted-driving accidents.
  • 495 motorcyclists were killed in crashes in Texas last year. Of these, 53 percent were not wearing a helmet at the time of the fatal crash.
  • 485 pedestrians and 48 bicyclists also lost their lives on Texas roads in 2013. Both numbers represent decreases from the number of deaths statewide in 2012.

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