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What Types of Fractures are Commonly Suffered in Car AccidentsDid you know that The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates more than 10,000 people are injured on escalators every year?

There are about 33,000 escalators operating in the U.S. – far fewer than the number of elevators. However, injuries occur more frequently on escalators, about 15 times more frequently than elevators. Although entrapment – in which a body part or piece of clothing becomes wedged in the gaps between the moving parts of an escalators – is often a high-profile issue because those incidents typically involve small children, falls on and over escalators account for three-quarters of all escalator injuries. Falls often cause more severe injuries and more fatalities.

Every year, nearly 10,000 people are sent to the emergency room because of escalator accidents, many being children.

Not surprisingly, one of the biggest danger areas is where the steps meet the side of the escalator. The landing platforms make entry and exit dicey endeavors—particularly when the moving stairs disappear beneath them, and all manner of clothing and body parts can get stuck. In recent years, an escalator has torn the big toe from a Croc-wearing child in Singapore, bucked dozens of riders in Washington, D.C., and strangled a tipsy sushi chef when the hood of his sweatshirt got caught in the gap between the stairs and the landing platform.

So, how can you stay safe on escalators?

  • Experts say adults should always hold the handrail, and children should hold their hands.
  • Keep your feet and clothing away from the sides of the escalator.
  • Try to stand near the middle of the step.
  • Never let kids sit down or play on escalators.

If you’re with more than one child, or have a baby stroller, it’s safer to take the elevator. However, if you or a loved one has been injured in an escalator accident please give us a call at (214) 231-0555 and tell us about it. If a consultation is needed, remember it is always free.

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