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cringing-man-holding-stomach-in-pain-wt-johnsonWe’ve all experienced it, a food so deliciously spicy that you can’t stop eating it. Your eyes are full of tears and your hands are freshly dusted with red residue; you can’t help but continue eating to delay the onset of the spicy pain and joy. Some products proudly advertise their tear-worthy knack for spice, but these products and similarly advertised snacks are raising medical concerns.

Doctors have recently seen a trend in emergency room visits from people, mainly children, who are experiencing extreme stomach pain. A common thread running through many cases is the presence of ‘flamin’ hot’ snacks in their diet. If eaten on occasion and in moderation, flaming foods won’t have many adverse effects. If eaten excessively, super-hot snack foods will cause inflammation in your stomach lining that results in extreme pain. Down the line, these consumers are at risk for more severe side effects if they continue their eating habits. Ulcerations, erosion, and peptic ulcer disease are just some of the ill effects of continued stomach lining inflammation.

Due to their health risks and lack of nutritional value, super-spicy snacks are being pulled out of schools. The schools are trying to do their part in nutritional regulation, but parents need to take an active role as well in watching what your child eats. Replacing just a few snacks a week with a healthy alternative will benefit your child’s digestive health greatly.

If used in excess, some products are unsafe. Other times, products can have risks with their first use! If you are a victim of product recall or liability, please contact the professionals at Crowe, Arnold & Majors for legal counsel.

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