By JohnFood Poisoning

Summer in Texas is the perfect time to heat up your grill and cook out with your loved ones. But if you aren’t careful, food poisoning can wreck your summer fun. To help protect your family from food poisoning this summer, here are some food safety grilling tips:

  • Be clean: It can be hard to find a place to wash your hands when grilling outside, but it’s vital in order to protect yourself from food borne illnesses. Make sure there is soap available to keep you clean during food prep.

  • Store your meat separately: Even though it might be easier to carry all your food in one cooler, it’s best to keep your raw meat separate from the rest of your food. It’s easy for the juices from the meat to leak out and spread to your ready-to-eat food and cause food poisoning.

  • Prepare meat at home: In your kitchen you have clean utensils and a sanitary area to slice your meat, which you might not have outside at the grill.

  • Cook meat to the proper temperature: It’s easy to lose track of how long you have been cooking your meat while hanging out at the grill. To prevent food poisoning, use a food thermometer to make sure your meat is safe to eat. Here are some recommended cooking temperatures:

    • Hamburger and pork: 160 degrees F

    • Hot dogs and chicken breasts: 165 degrees F

    • Steaks, roasts and fish: 145 degrees F

Even if you are careful when cooking your meat, others might not be. If you or a loved one were the victim of food poisoning in Texas, you deserve justice for your physical and emotional pain. Contact the Texas food poisoning attorneys at the Law Offices of W.T. Johnson today and set-up your free, no-obligation consultation.

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