By JohnBicycle Accidents

Bicycling is a great way to stay healthy, travel light, and reduce your gas bill along with your impact on the environment. Unfortunately, not all Texas cities have bicycle-friendly streets. If you’re riding your bike for fun or to commute, help reduce your risk of a bicycle crash by keeping these four tips in mind:

  1. Avoid busy streets.

It’s easy to start bicycling by riding the same streets you used to drive. You’re already familiar with this route to work or school, so why not keep taking it? Usually, however, it’s safer to work out an alternate path that takes residential roads or roads with less traffic. Focus on finding ways to cross the busiest streets without having to travel on them.

  1. Signal your turns.

Many motorists who crash into bicyclists claim they either did not see the bicyclist or didn’t expect the bicyclist to turn or stop. You can help reduce this element of surprise – and keep yourself safer – by signaling your turns. Always check behind you before pointing, however, so you do not stick your arm in the path of a passing car.

  1. Avoid distractions.

It can be fun to ride with your headphones in, but not being able to hear what’s going on around you can lead to a serious accident. Experienced Texas bicycle accident lawyers know that distracted driving causes a great many accidents – don’t contribute by being a distracted bicyclist.

  1. Pretend you are invisible.

Although you should try to make yourself as easy to see as possible, bicycling defensively often means riding so that even if a driver doesn’t see you, you don’t get hit. Focus on staying out of the way of cars by riding on the right when possible, and by staying off the busiest streets.

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