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Serious injuries can happen when we least expect them. From car accidents to slip and falls, many people feel as if they were inevitable. But, in reality, they often occur due to another person’s negligence.

If you were hurt through no fault of your own, a Grand Prairie personal injury lawyer could help you receive a measure of justice from the at-fault party. In addition, if your case is successful, you could have the resources to address the financial strain that accompanies a serious injury. Reach out to our team at Crowe, Arnold and Majors, LLP today to speak with an injury lawyer in Grand Prairie.

Common types of personal injury cases

Personal injury covers a broad area of the law. Many different fact patterns might serve as the basis of a personal injury case. These injuries usually result from reckless behavior or even intentional acts. Under any of these circumstances, a personal injury attorney in Grand Prairie might be able to help. Some of the most common types of personal injury cases include:

  • Car accidents. The most common type of personal injury case is car accidents. If you were hurt in a collision, you could be dealing with long-term physical, emotional, and financial consequences. A personal injury lawsuit could help you address those hardships.
  • Truck accidents. Commercial trucks are one of the greatest risks on the highways in Grand Prairie. These vehicles can cause devastating truck accidents and severe injuries. However, in some cases, it could be possible to hold both the driver and the trucking company accountable.
  • Sexual assault and abuse. Acts of sexual assault and abuse are more than just a crime. They could also serve as the basis for a personal injury lawsuit. You could pursue legal action against your attacker as well as anyone that facilitated the violence against you.
  • Defective products. Dangerous and defective products have the potential to cause severe bodily injuries. These products could explode, catch fire, or even cause severe illness.
  • Premises liability. Premises liability cases are based on accidents that occur on another person’s property. The most common example is a slip, trip, or fall at a business, private residence, or government building.
  • Construction accidents. Construction work is one of the most dangerous professions in Grand Prairie. If you were hurt in a construction accident, you might be entitled to a monetary award.
  • Child injuries. Children are especially vulnerable to serious injuries. They also face risks due to their limited development. If your child has been hurt through no fault of their own, you could pursue a civil lawsuit for their child injuries.
  • Nursing home abuse. Nursing home abuse and neglect have the potential to cause devastating physical, emotional, and financial harm to your loved one. Thankfully, a Grand Prairie nursing home abuse lawyer could help them hold their abuser accountable.

Compensation for your injuries

You have the right to seek monetary compensation for any damages that result from the negligence of another party. These damages could cover many things, including your physical pain and medical bills. Some of the most common examples of damages for a personal injury lawsuit include:

  • Disability
  • Disfigurement
  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish
  • Loss of consortium
  • Diminished future earning power

Our firm is ready to help you evaluate your case and advise you on the types of damages you might be able to recover. With our help, you could obtain the outcome you deserve in your case.

Talk to a personal injury lawyer in Grand Prairie

You have the right to seek out the guidance of skilled legal counsel before you file your suit or attempt to negotiate a settlement with an insurance company. Our team at Crowe, Arnold & Majors, LLP is ready to fight for you. We are proud advocates of the injured, and our track record speaks for itself. So, call right away to schedule a free consultation and learn how we might be able to help.