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Every child is excited about the day they get to graduate from a tricycle to a “big kid bike” – with or without training wheels. A bicycle means freedom, fun, and a visible step forward in their journey toward growing up.
Parents who are helping their kids claim their “big kid” bicycling privileges need to remind kids that this big freedom comes with big responsibilities. By making basic bicycle safety part of the “right way” to ride a big-kid bike, you can help ensure your little one rides more safely and reduces his or her risk of accidents. Our experienced Dallas bicycle accident lawyers recommend sharing these tips with your kids:

  • Lead by example. Always follow the same safety rules for bicycling that you expect your children to follow.
  • Help kids choose their own bicycle helmet. Children who feel they have a say in which helmet they choose are more likely to wear it, and you can help by ensuring they get a helmet that fits properly. Remind them that wearing the helmet is mandatory whenever they are on their bicycle.
  • Adjust and check equipment. Make sure the bicycle’s seat and handlebars fit the child’s size. Teach kids how to tell when their bicycle is working right, and that they should check their bike every time they ride.
  • Practice control. Put a bicycle carrier on your child’s bike to reduce the temptation to ride while carrying books or other items, or have children ride with their backpacks. Teach them to keep both hands on the handlebars at all times.
  • Set bicycle curfews. Make it a rule that kids may not ride after dark. You may decide to require them to be home before dark to reduce the risk that they’ll try to ride in low-light conditions.

The compassionate Dallas personal injury lawyers at Crowe Arnold & Majors, LLP can help you take care of your child’s needs if she or he has been injured in a bicycle accident. Contact us for more info and schedule your free consultation today!

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