The unfortunate reality is that abuse is common in many Texas nursing homes. Because of their vulnerability, residents are particularly susceptible to being mistreated. In many cases, they lack the capacity to alert anyone about being hurt—physically, psychologically, or financially. Because of this, family members must remain vigilant.

If you suspect elder abuse, take immediate action. You can protect their legal rights by considering a civil lawsuit against the abuser and the facility that allowed it to happen. A personal injury attorney can assist you with each of the following steps you must take to ensure their safety.

Speak with administrators

In addition, always raise your concerns with the administrators of the facility. Suppose your loved one wants to remain there. In that case, this discussion could improve their future care and potentially avoid further incidents. Moreover, this creates a record that would be useful to your Dallas nursing home abuse lawyer. A complaint that is registered concurrently with the abuse accusation will strengthen your case– should it go to trial.

You can do more than merely bringing the matter to their attention. You can also request that the facility take corrective measures to avoid similar abuse or neglect in the future. For example, this might include requesting additional staff to ensure that your loved one’s needs are met.

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Contact state authorities

By informing the Texas Department of Health and Human Services of the abuse, the state will investigate the claim independently. A pattern of neglect could put the facility’s license at risk. Reporting nursing home abuse in Texas is simple. If you call outside of regular business hours, leave a message and wait for investigators to return your call.

Document everything

Document everything related to a claim of abuse, starting with the evidence of your loved one’s physical conditions. Abuse can manifest in many ways– including bruising, rapid weight loss, or other visible injuries. Collecting photographic evidence of these injuries is vital for your Dallas elder abuse lawyer.

Also, ensure that a doctor sees your family member. They can officially document injuries you might not be aware of. They can also track your loved one’s vital signs and determine if they are dehydrated or malnourished. Talk to any witnesses. In many cases, other residents might have seen or been aware of the mistreatment. The more evidence you have, the stronger your claim will be.

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