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Autumn is here, and that means outdoor fun, fall sports and enjoyment for families throughout Texas. Texas personal injury lawyers hope everyone in their community stays safe this fall. Keep these tips in mind to help yourself and the children you love enjoy the autumn season in a healthy, injury-free way.

Use properly-sized, ergonomic tools. When raking leaves, cleaning up the yard, and working outdoors this fall, choose tools that are ergonomically designed and are the right size for the person using them. Get kids involved in raking leaves by offering them child-sized rakes that they can handle easily. Check all your tools for damage before you use them.

Don’t forget the sunscreen or bug repellant. Fall typically means cooler weather, but sunburns can still happen, and insect bites might still cause illness. If you’re heading out for fall fun, remember to use sunscreen or insect repellant when necessary. Cover skin with sturdy clothing and wear a hat to help protect your face from the sun as well.

Teach teens about job safety. A new job can be a great source of college funds and responsibility for teens. Unfortunately, not all employers stick to Texas rules regarding what teens may or may not do. Make sure you and your teen know what the law allows and prohibits. Let your teen know that he or she can always ask you if they have questions about a task they are expected to perform on the job.

Remind kids to wear helmets. Helmets worn when bicycling, skateboarding or playing sports can prevent many head injuries. Remind kids that when they play outside this fall, a helmet is a must.

If your child suffers an injury due to the negligence of another party, please call the child injury lawyers at Crowe Arnold & Majors, LLP. You may be entitled to compensation for all relevant damages.

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