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As the old saying goes, “A dog is a man’s best friend.”  While canines can make wonderful pets (when they’re well trained and appropriately behaved) they can still cause potentially serious injuries if they attack an innocent bystander. Approximately 5 million dog bites occur in the United States annually; unfortunately, many of them consequently end in serious injuries or even death, especially when young children are concerned. Each year, more than 800,000 animal bites require medical care, and 82 percent of dog bites treated in an emergency room involve children under the age of 15. The problem is, animal bites aren’t only physically traumatizing by causing infection, scars, or disfigurement, but they can also be emotionally detrimental. It’s quite common for an animal bite victim to suffer from anxiety long after the incident has occurred. It is due to this, that The Law Offices of W.T. Johnson take these personal injury claims very seriously. Our dog bite lawyers have seen first hand the lasting damage animal attacks leave.4 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds


In Texas, pet owners are liable in these particular cases:

  • Owner intentionally instigates attack

  • Negligence in handling or controlling animal

  • Leash law violations

  • A history of attacks


There are a few circumstances in which texas law allows compensation for animal bites:

1) Medical treatment- The person responsible for an injury to another due to a dog bite may be liable for medical expenses that include:

– hospitalization

– emergency room care

– surgery

– following doctor visits

-medical treatments from a psychiatrist, psychologist, or counselor to treat emotional damage.

2) Disfigurement-Dog bites can cause permanent physical damage also known as “disfigurement”. A victim of a dog bite may be able to recover money damages for this type of injury. The amount of money depends on the extent of the physical scarring.

3) Physical impairment-A severe dog bite wound can result in physical impairment that keeps a person from being able to perform specific tasks. As with disfigurement, the compensation for physical impairment depends on the severity of the impairment.

4) Loss of wages-Someone who is unable to work or run their business due to a dog bite can recover lost wages and/or lost profits. Lost wages refer to the amount of money a person lost because he/she was unable to work due to a dog bite injury. If a person wishes to prove that he/she lost profits due to a dog bite injury, they must do so with reasonable certainty.

5) Mental or emotional distress-A person who suffers from a dog bite injury is likely to suffer from mental or emotional distress. This refers to the mental pain and suffering they experienced as a result of a dog attack.

6) Death-The “wrongful death” statute provides a claim for certain people as a result of the death of a relative due to an animal attack.

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