By JohnDistracted Driving

The smartphone may be the greatest and most terrifying invention of the century.

We, as a society, have come to depend on our electronic gadgets and gizmos to remind us of everything from birthdays to business meetings, and of course, to keep up our social connections.

But the danger is that we use them wherever we are. Whether that means we use them in the bathroom despite the risk of dropping them in the sink, or in our automobiles despite the risk of causing a crash, we seem incapable of setting boundaries on our usage of these tools.

The New Apple Upgrade

Fortunately, the new Apple upgrade to iOS 11 contains a feature designed to prevent texting while driving. In addition to preventing drivers from sending or receiving texts and calls, the phone screen will lock and prevent drivers from using apps or other programs while the car is in motion. This is accomplished through a Bluetooth connection that can sense the vehicle’s acceleration.

Any Steps Against Distracted Driving Help

It is estimated that one out of every four motor vehicle accidents is due to a driver’s distraction. And the greatest distraction yet is the smartphone. This upgrade will allow users to choose whether to enable this function, true; but if selected, there will be no notifications visible on the screen while the vehicle is in motion.

Many drivers mistakenly assume that if they just check their phones for a “moment,” they can safely do so. Nope! There is no “safe” time to take one’s eyes off the road. While the majority of states have made texting and driving illegal, this does not prevent drivers from engaging in this unreasonably dangerous behavior.

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