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Halloween, harvest parties, football games and other fall events call for a party! If you’re planning to throw a get-together during the autumn months, keep these safety tips in mind so that your guests can enjoy themselves without an unexpected illness or injury ruining their fall fun.

When you throw a party, keep the following safety tips provided by experienced Dallas injury lawyers in mind:

  • Provide a variety of healthy snacks. For kids, Halloween is all about the candy. For many adults, football wouldn’t be the same without a beer or two. Help your guests of all ages avoid overindulging by offering healthy, alcohol-free foods and snacks, like fruit, vegetables, crackers and cheese. If you serve alcohol at a party, close the “bar” at least an hour before the party’s scheduled end time and start passing around dessert or coffee instead.
  • Keep walkways well-lit to help your guests avoid a trip and fall accident. If you use candles, jack o’lanterns or luminaries to light up an evening fall party, make sure they are on sturdy surfaces and well away from anything that could catch fire, like curtains. Always supervise kids around open flames.
  • Help guests practice safe driving. If you’re throwing a Halloween party, remind guests that kids will be trick or treating or playing games in the area. If you throw a party that includes alcohol, keep the phone numbers for local cab companies beside your phone so you can find a safe and sober ride for any guest who should not drive. Consider making your couch or guest room available as well, so that your guests can drive only when they are sober.

The renowned legal team at Crowe Arnold & Majors, LLP wishes everyone a safe and happy Halloween!

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