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A female motorist was injured in a traffic accident after the vehicle she was driving collided with a school bus. Officials have not released information regarding who was responsible for the crash. The woman driving the car was injured in the crash, but no children were injured.

School bus accidents often result in injuries because of the size and weight of the vehicle, but it is often occupants of other vehicles who suffer the majority of the injuries. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 1,564 people were killed in school transportation-related crashes between the years 1998 and 2008, and 72 percent of those fatalities involved occupants of other vehicles.

Because of the potential injuries involving children, all school bus accidents must be carefully investigated, and these questions should be asked:

  • Who was responsible for the crash?
  • Was the bus driver properly licensed?
  • Should the school bus driver face a suspension or termination for driving carelessly or recklessly?
  • Was either motorist driving while distracted or intoxicated?

Accidents involving school buses can result in complicated injury claims. You may be able to file a claim against the school bus driver, bus owner, bus company or even the school district. If you were injured in a Texas bus accident , you should discuss your options with an experienced car accident attorney. Financial support may be available for your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and other related damages.

The experienced Dallas car accident attorneys at Crowe Arnold & Majors, LLP have a long history of handling school bus accident claims. If you or your loved one has been injured in a Dallas school bus accident, please contact us today for a free and comprehensive consultation.

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