By JohnNursing Home Abuse & Neglect

If you have recently moved a family member to a nursing home, you can’t be there to protect your loved one every moment of the day. You must trust that the Texas nursing home you chose will provide adequate care and protection. Unfortunately, there are instances every year of physical, emotional, financial and sexual abuse at Texas nursing homes.

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Instances of abuse and neglect can occur at even the most upscale facilities. More and more families are taking it upon themselves to put hidden cameras in their loved one’s room. There have even been cases where care providers have been arrested and convicted of abuse after being captured on film committing abuse against elderly victims. The question then arises: Should Texas nursing homes install hidden cameras in every room?

Proponents of video surveillance believe that this level of transparency will all but end abuse and neglect in nursing homes and increase the quality of care provided to the residents. Nursing home workers who know they are being videotaped may not only be discouraged from breaking the law, but also be encouraged to improve the level of care they should be providing.

Those against hidden cameras believe that they will only add an unnecessary level of stress to an already stressful job, or that the cameras are intrusive. It is unclear if Texas lawmakers will require nursing homes to utilize hidden cameras, but this is an important discussion that many Texas residents are now having.

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