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Nerve damage is common among car accident victims who have suffered from severe burns or trauma.

Nerves can be thought of as the “telephone wires” of the human body. They let the brain know when one part of the body is experiencing pain, pressure or a temperature change. In response to these stimuli, nerves also carry messages back to the muscles, signaling them to move or flex.

According to the Sunderland Classification System, there are five separate classes of nerve injuries. A first-degree nerve injury temporarily prevents the nerves from transmitting messages from one part of the body. A fifth-degree nerve injury means that a nerve is broken completely and will die without surgery to repair it. An individual who suffers from a fifth-degree nerve injury may permanently lose control of the muscles in one part of their body.

Auto accidents are just one way that nerve injuries occur. Individuals can also suffer nerve damage from slip and fall accidentsbicycle accidents and job-related accidents such as burns or construction injuries.

If you’ve suffered a severe nerve injury due to the negligence or recklessness of another individual, you have the legal right to obtain compensation. Contact Crowe Arnold & Majors today to schedule a free consultation and discuss your options with one of our experienced Dallas personal injury lawyers.

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