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While shopping in the garden center of a Wal-Mart in Washington state, Mica Craig was bit by a rattlesnake. He has been hospitalized for four days since the incident.

He was choosing mulch and couldn’t see the price because he thought a stick was in the way. He tried to move it when he realized it wasn’t a stick, but a foot-long rattlesnake that quickly bit him. He attempted to shake the rattlesnake off his hand, but it wouldn’t let go.

Another customer saw him fall to the ground and cry out that he was bitten by a snake, and she quickly took him to the hospital.

His bite needed six vials of anti-venom and surgery to make sure he didn’t get compartment syndrome in his hand. He could lose feeling in two of his fingers from the bite.

Craig said his medical bills are running in the tens of thousands of dollars. He is waiting to see the extent of his injuries before talking to Wal-Mart with his attorney.

Wal-Mart apologized and is investigating how the snake entered the garden center—whether it was from a nearby field or came in with garden supplies.

Animal or dog bites caused by the negligence of another party can cause permanent damage or even death. You have the right to contact a personal injury attorney if you have been a victim of an animal bite. You should contact the experienced animal and dog bite attorneys at the Law Firm of W.T. Johnson today.

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