Getting the Help You Need After a Jackknife

If you, or a loved one have been involved in a truck wreck, you know how devastating truck accidents can be. The magnitude of sustained injuries that they cause is much greater than that of a typical automobile accident. Cases involving truck accidents and other commercial motor vehicle accidents are typically different than the usual automobile collision cases. Commercial motor vehicles could be considered as trucks freightliners, 18-wheelers and a vast array of other large vehicles.

There are many Federal and State laws that apply to these types of commercial motor vehicles and to the industries that operate them. It is extremely important that you hire an experienced Fort Worth accident attorney who is familiar with these laws and has experience in handling vehicle accident cases. If they are experienced, they can successfully explain any potential violation of your rights as a result of injuries suffered from the accident and the needed information will be gathered in order to build up your case.

Negligent Conduct in Fort Worth

The companies who operate commercial motor vehicles usually have personnel on standby for damage control for accidents such as these. Their job is to respond to collision as soon as possible and to try to minimize the potential liability for the company and their negligence conduct. Therefore, it is very important that you act quickly and obtain and document any evidence before it is made to disappear. Our truck accident attorneys will begin to investigate your case immediately after you bring it to us.

It is very important that you know exactly the evidence to look for and how to obtain information after an accident. The truck accident attorney that you choose must be qualified to determine which of the following actions need to be done immediately after a truck accident:

Crowe Arnold & Majors, LLP Handles Truck Accident Cases

The Fort Worth accident attorneys at Crowe Arnold & Majors, LLP are experienced in handling cases involving all types of accidents and in dealing with insurance companies in the event of any accident, including jackknife truck accidents. We focus on early investigation and the preservation of the vital information that has been recorded  at the time of the accident. We will also examine the truck driver’s qualification and experience, available travel logs, their corporate policies and procedures, truck inspections and potential defects, and whether the trucking company and driver obeyed all applicable laws.

We represent the injured victims in a truck accident caused by negligent truck drivers and trucking companies. We are here to help you or your loved ones, after a serious injury or death has occurred due to a trucking accident caused by the negligence of a driver or commercial trucking company. We handle cases from highways, interstates, and streets throughout the state of Texas. Call today at (214) 231-0555 for a free consultation.