By JohnConstruction Accidents, Wrongful Death

foogball-stadium-wt.-johnsonFor the second time this year, a construction worker has died on the job at the new Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, Ca. Back in June, 63-year-old elevator installer, Don White was working on a ladder, on the ground floor of an elevator shaft when the counter weight of an elevator struck him. Before he was able to be transported to the hospital, White had already passed. After 43 years of working in the field with no injuries, his death has left 4 without a father, and 3 without a grandfather. White will be remembered for his loving and compassionate character. His accident caused construction to halt as the other 1,000 workers were sent home to grieve. With the fresh scar of Mr. White’s accidental death, Levi’s stadium has lost another worker yesterday in another freak accident. 60-year-old, Edward Lake Jr. was unloading rebar on Monday when he was struck around 6:45 am. He was rushed to the hospital, but later that morning died from the injuries sustained. Once again, the 1,000 workers were sent home, and construction had resumed again this morning.

With just under another year of construction left, Levi’s stadium is scheduled to open at the beginning of next football season in 2014. The stadium is set to host the 2016 Superbowl, bragging around 2 million square feet, with 68,500 seats. Two innocent men are now dead due to the construction; and with another year, will more lives be claimed?

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