By JohnDrunk Driving Accidents

Aries Llamas is now speaking out against drunk driving after she was hit by a drunk driver and is now forced to learn how to walk again. One month after the 20-year-old, mother of two children was married, a drunk driver hit her car head-on.

The accident caused her legs to go into her pelvis, her spleen was pierced and her foot was crushed. She had to be in the hospital for 14 days. She received screws in every toe, rods in her thighs and more than $180,000 in medical bills. Also, she has no medical insurance to pay off her medical debts.

But she tries to stay positive and believes that she will walk again. She wants to be able to chase her kids around and play with them again. At the moment she uses a wheelchair and has to have long-term physical therapy to relearn how to walk.

It has only been a few months since her accident, but she is starting to take some steps on her own, which astounds her doctors who thought it would take up to a year.

Even though Aries isn’t mad at the driver, she wants to use her experience to teach others about the horrors of drinking and driving. She said she posts on Facebook every Friday and Saturday night, “no texting, no driving and no drinking,” to try to remind others to think before they drive.

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