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Allergy season has everyone sniffling, sneezing, and heading to the doctor’s office in hopes of getting some relief. This time of year can be very difficult for many because of the runny noses and puffy eyes, however it can be even more difficult for those who happen to get ahold of allergy medicines that are wrong for them.

Over the counter allergy medicines are widely available for many people as a go-to solution for quick relief. There are several over the counter allergy medicines out now that started out as prescription only and have progressed into being readily available at a local drug store. However, many people often feel that these allergy reliefs don’t work well and are looking for something stronger and more reliable.  allergies

A Doctor’s Diagnosis

When a patient is experiencing symptoms of discomfort that is causing their everyday life to become difficult, a doctor can help diagnose and alleviate certain issues. Many times in allergy season, patients will seek help from a professional allergist to identify which pollens and particles they are most allergic too and how to deal with them.

Despite the experience and years of education regarding allergen identification and reaction, doctors can easily make a mistake. Overlooking very simple steps in the diagnosis process can quickly result in the prescription of a drug or anti-allergen that could cause a serious reaction and need for immediate medical attention.

In extreme cases, doctors are actually urged by their practices or pharmaceutical representatives to prescribe a particular set of drugs. It is when these unfortunate biases come into play regarding a patient’s health that mistakes can happen. Sometimes an allergist could be testing for natural allergens and in turn overlook a drug allergy that a patient may have.

Medical Malpractice Attorney

Our firm is proud to defend our client’s rights and chance for just compensation when they are victims of medical malpractice. Should a medical professional make a mistake, even a simple overlook, that could jeopardize a patient’s well being, they should be held accountable for their actions. To schedule your case evaluation today contact The Law Offices of W.T. Johnson.

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