Trucking Companies Must Be Accountable For Their Negligent Actions

Truck drivers and their companies are held accountable for their actions through various state and federal regulations. However, both drivers and trucking companies may cut corners in an attempt to save time and meet deadlines and their decisions can lead to serious accidents.

Crowe Arnold & Majors, LLP is committed to finding the underlying cause to any truck accident claim in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Negligence, especially in the trucking industry, can lead to serious, potentially life threatening accidents. With more than 25 years of experience, our legal team knows how to handle these intricate accident claims and won’t hesitate to go after those responsible for the crash.

Exposing Trucking Company Negligence

When we begin investigating a wreck, our first job is to determine what went wrong. Once we uncover this information, we can go to work exposing the guilty party and demanding retribution for their negligent acts.

Safety regulations in the trucking industry help protect everyone on the road but often these regulations aren’t taken as seriously as they should, resulting in accidents. Truck drivers are given quotas by their superiors but when a company requests too much from its employees, there is often a paper trail that can point us in the direction of who is at fault.

In addition to pushing drivers too hard, often companies will inadequately hire drivers as a way to hasten the process and make more money. Larger 18-Wheeler trucks are not easy to operate and, without a skilled driver at the helm, accidents can occur. We’ll investigate to see if the driver has an inadequate driving record or history of substance abuse.

No machine can work forever and regular maintenance is necessary for continued use. Trucks are no exception but in an effort to cut corners some repairs may be pushed back or ignored. Tire blowouts or brake failure can lead to serious accidents and life threatening situations.

Contact Our Dallas Truck Accident Attorneys

Crowe Arnold & Majors, LLP will aggressively go after any trucking company guilty of these or any other negligent acts. If you have a claim that you’d like to discuss with our legal team, please call our Dallas truck company negligence attorneys at (214) 231-0555. We will be happy to schedule a free consultation, and are even able to come to you, if travel is an issue.