DWI convict Michael Giacona who hit a black Mustang and killed the driver Aaron Pennywell said he would rather go back to jail than apologize to Pennywell’s parents for killing their son while he was intoxicated.

Giacona pleaded guilty to misdemeanor DWI in January and was sentenced to a year in jail. After 90 days he was granted “shock probation”, which means a judge released him since he was “scared straight”. Part of his probation included a public punishment to hold a sign that stated, “I killed Aaron Pennywell” and stand at the intersection where the accident happened for four Saturdays.

Passer-bys were hostile to the DWI convict the first weekend he had to hold the sign. Some cussed him out. The judge Michael Fields ordered that for his safety he should withdraw from his post.

The judge mandated that he write the family an apology letter. But Giacona refused to write it in a way that satisfied the judge, so he was sent back to jail to finish his sentence.

The father of the victim said that since Giacona didn’t write the letter he feels  that Giacona doesn’t see anything wrong with drinking and driving and killing his son.

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