Suffered Serious Injuries in a Head-On Wreck?

Have you been injured in a head-on collision? It is sad to say, but head-on collisions occur more often than we would like to admit in Texas. These accidents can be extremely dangerous and leave those involved with severe injuries, spinal injuries or even death.

Caused by Negligence

Though head-on collisions generally occur on highways, they also can and have occurred on city and rural roads. The most common occurrence is a vehicle crossing the center median when the driver cannot see around a curve or over a hill. Driving on the wrong way on a road can also make head-on collisions a risk. Head-on collisions are also at high risk when drivers fall asleep at the wheel or drive too fast and lose control of the car. The results from any of these occurrences can be devastating.

If you or a loved one has suffered brain trauma in a head-on collision, this is important information for your attorney to know. Write down everything that you remember happening. This information needs to be given to your chosen attorney during your first consultation. It is also a good idea to bring the police report as well because your attorney can determine if there are any other causes of action that you need to take.

Your Fort Worth injury attorney will ask you to sign released for your medical and treatment records. They will need this information so that they can work with your insurance company or to use as evidence during the trial

Compensation After a Serious Fort Worth Head-On Car Collision

A head-on collision can be lifechanging. Your injuries may require you to undergo long-term treatment and rehabilitation. Medical bills and payments may start to add up and cost you a small fortune. So far, Crowe Arnold & Majors, LLP has recovered more than $ 110,000,000 in damages on behalf of our clients. We are extremely determined to getting you the compensation that you deserve. No accident is ever easy to deal with but we want to make this an easy process for you.

Our team of Fort Worth car accident lawyers are ready to fight for and to protect your rights. We have experience with the tactics insurance companies use to try and deny your claim. We will aggressively fight with them in order to get your claim handled in the fairest of manners. We are experienced with head-on collisions cases, especially those that involve brain injuries, negligence and recklessness.

Our office includes experts that can help you maximize your physical and legal recovery. We want to ensure that your medical bills get paid for. We are dedicated to having relationships with our clients and want to make sure that clients are able to focus on their recovery, while we handle the case. Set up a free consultation at (214) 231-0555.