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Food Poisoning Tracked on TwitterIf you have experienced food poisoning, you know how hard it is to figure out what caused it and if you were the only one who suffered. But a recent Popular Science article shared how a data scientist for Google has built nEmesis, a system that tracks where people tweet about food poisoning.

The system flagged relevant stomach and food-related updates from a pool of 3.8 million tweets posted between January and April in New York City. After that, researchers determined the 6,000 that seemed most indicative of food poisoning so that nEmesis could learn what data to look for.

nEmesis assigned health scores to restaurants based on the number of tweeters who fell ill after eating there, and the scores came close to those that food inspectors had submitted to the city’s health department. The program also rates restaurants on the likelihood of getting food poisoning there. nEmesis will be presented at the Conference on Human Computation & Crowdsourcing in November.

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