By JohnPersonal Injury, Slip-and-Fall Accident

older-woman-drinking-tea-wt-johnsonJust in time for Fall, results from a French study is hinting that regular exercise for the elderly reduces their risk of falling and lowers the severity of a fall. According to a study done at the University of Paris-Sud in France, exercise reduces the risk of a serious elderly fall by 37%. Due to ‘falling’ being a bit of an ambiguous term, they defined their criteria using three fall types to categorize and record severity. The three criteria include: falls resulting in medical care, falls resulting in severe injury, and falls resulting in fractures. The study shows that after regular exercise, people fall less often and they lower their risk of falling in the first place. The rate of falling has been reduced by 29% and the overall risk of falling fell by 32%. The study was conducted on 2,195 participants in the group who exercised and 2,110 on the sedentary control group.

The exercise group was put on a workout routine including tai chi (a balance and strength oriented exercise), resistance training, and functional training that mirrors everyday life movements. It’s been criticized by means of the exact definition of a fall. Despite the critique, it is no wonder that the results indicate that balance training for physical awareness is the most helpful in fall prevention. Exercise proved to enhance cognitive function as well. This is the first of many experiments, and in the future more aspects will be taken into account. Eventually the researchers plan to create an optimal workout routine for the elderly based on their findings.

Slip and fall injuries are a part of everyday life, however some of them – such as slip and fall accidents among the elderly – may be prevented by others. If you or a loved one have fallen due to the negligence of another, please contact the professionals at Crowe Arnold & Majors, LLP for legal counsel.

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