By JohnCar Accidents

Recently, a DART paratransit van ran into stopped traffic and caused a five-car accident that injured two people on the Dallas North Tollway. The accident made national news as the video spread showing how the driver, Willie Grant, didn’t stop or slow down as he approached the line of traffic.

He is no longer employed by Veolia Transportation, the company that is contracted by DART for its paratransit van program.

The crash investigation showed that there was no violation of company’s cell phone use, drugs or alcohol policies. They believe Willie wasn’t controlling his speed and wasn’t paying attention.  According to the company, the driver had a good safety record in his more than 11 years of service until the accident occurred.

After watching the video of the accident, the mother of one of the victims, Rosa Sepulveda, said it is a miracle that her son is still alive. Her son, Jose Sepulveda, broke his hip, arm, leg, and 11 ribs.

Rosa said she hopes that the crash will help teach other drivers to keep their eyes on the road because you never know the damage you can cause to someone’s live.

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