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At the winter holidays, every Texas family wants parties, visits and family time together to be merry and bright. Few families want to think about abuse and neglect – especially if it’s happening to someone they care about.

Holiday visits to relatives who live in nursing homes or assisted living facilities, however, offer an opportunity for family members to identify and report situations of suspected abuse or neglect. Simply knowing what to look for can help you notice if something is wrong. Seeking the help a loved one needs to escape abuse or neglect is truly “the gift that keeps on giving.”

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Dallas nursing home abuse lawyers recommend starting with this simple list of ways to check whether your elderly loved one is truly having a merry holiday in their living situation:

  • Make a “common sense” check of the surroundings. Is the facility clean? Is it accessible for people with trouble moving around, or are there stairs, broken flooring or other problems that could cause a fall? Are holiday decorations in good working order and placed safely so as to prevent fires or other injuries?
  • Talk to your loved one. Notice not only what your loved one says, but how they respond. Do they seem comfortable and “as usual,” or do they seem withdrawn, disoriented or anxious? Does your loved one seem happy with the gifts you bring and able to decide where to put them, or do they seem concerned that gifts will “disappear” once you go?
  • Wish the staff a happy holiday. Take time to talk to staff members and notice their behavior as well. Do they have time to accept a wish for a happy holiday season, or do they seem stressed, rushed or overwhelmed? How many staff members are available?

If you suspect that your elderly loved one is experiencing abuse or neglect at their nursing home, contact the Dallas personal injury lawyers of Crowe Arnold & Majors, LLP for immediate assistance.

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