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Dallas, Texas is full of bike trails, and the mild temperatures make going for a bike ride a favorable option on all but the hottest or coldest days. As a result, biking is a popular sport in Dallas and other Texas cities. Even many experienced Dallas bicycle accident lawyers have enjoyed cycling in order to stay fit, spend time with family and friends, and reduce their impact on the environment.

While learning to ride safely in traffic can help you avoid a crash, it’s also important to make sure your bicycle is in working condition before you head out. Whether you prefer to ride on roads or trails, a bicycle that is in good working order will help you get where you’re going more safely – but one that is in poor condition might cause a crash or injury.

Here are three things to check on your bicycle before you ride, courtesy of the League of American Bicyclists:

  1. Air. First, look at your tires and make sure they’re inflated, have proper treads, and are not cracked or worn. Check each tire’s air pressure and compare it to the recommended pressure printed on the tire. Add air if necessary so both tires are properly inflated before you ride.
  2. Brakes. Look at your brake pads. There should be at least one-quarter inch of padding on each one, and the pads should not touch or rub against the wheels when the brakes are not engaged. Then, squeeze the brake handles. Make sure there is room for a finger to fit between the fully-squeezed handle and the handlebar, so your fingers won’t get pinched if you have to brake hard.
  3. Chain and crank. Clean any debris off your chain before you ride. Make sure your crank is stable, too, and tighten it if needed.
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