By JohnCar Accidents

The Law Office of W.T. Johnson recently won a $500,000 jury verdict for a client that was rear-ended in an auto-accident.

The client was in a work van going to a worksite when the defendant never hit her brakes and rear-ended him. He had $29,000 in medical bills and had to miss work. Doctors think he might need more surgery.

This kind of case usually settles for under $100,000. It is uncommon to get a $500,000 verdict for a case that only had $29,000 in medical bills. But the W.T. Johnson team worked hard for its client to get the justice he is entitled to.

“This has changed his life. He’s worked manual labor his whole life, and never made much money. Now, he and his wife plan to pay off their house,” said David Crowe, attorney with the W.T. Johnson team.

We have recovered more than $50 million for our clients in personal injury cases. If you have been involved in an accident that caused you physical and emotional pain, you deserve experienced auto accident lawyers. You should contact the Law Office of W.T. Johnson today before it’s too late.

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